Sakuga MADs – February 2011 – Notes


uploaded by mochihan3


uploaded by animeblue

It’s time to mark the passing of February 2011 with a sakuga MAD or two! When pitted against the former month of January, February doesn’t seem particularly impressive. But this is a middle-of-the-season month, without the lineup of new OPs that the start of a season brings, or the climactic battle sequences that usually accompany its end – I think these months usually have weaker offerings.

These MADs together do a pretty good job of covering all the notable bits of animation, but, particularly no. 1, they actually feels a little desperate for scenes at times. As with last month, AnimeBlue’s is less exciting to watch because it’s under-edited, but it’s still good to have both, and he caught a few good parts that the first one missed (such as Tetsuya Nishio’s contribution to Kimi ni Todoke). Another problem with the first one is that there are a number of scenes I feel don’t belong in a sakuga MAD, like the Bakuman, Ochinko and OreImo parts.

⚫ Houkago no Pleiades contributed some really interesting animation, from a crew of less senior Gainax animators. The lack of big names like Sushio, or Yoshinari meant that it is hard to put an animator’s name to specific cuts, but it’s nice to see Gainax has other animators who can carry the burden by themselves. As many remarked in the 4chan sakuga thread, a number of cuts had a bit of a Tanaka Hironori vibe to them, but he was not involved in the episode. Probably the best moment was from Ootsuka Mai Kouno Megumi, who did the final action scene in the fourth episode (including the fireball attack bit).

⚫ The fight sequence from Yumekui Merry was Tanaka Hironori . While it is interesting animation and typically well-executed, it feels somewhat unlike his usual style. The movement is more languid and less purposeful than usual. Someone once described his animation style as ‘ragdoll’ to me, and I think that fits his style. Perhaps he’s evolving as an animator? Thoughts, anyone?

⚫ The Index 2 OP is nice stuff indeed. It also features animation from Ootsuka Mai.

⚫ The Star Driver karaoke scene had a lot of people talking on twitter. It reminded some of Yutaka Nakamura, but it turns out he isn’t credited for that episode. As @raito_kun pointed out, this scene was actually credited seperately, probably because it was done in-house at BONES while the rest of the episode was outsourced. The animators credited are Takahiro Shikama, Takaaki Izumo, Yasuyuki Kai and Shosuke Ishibashi. Of those names, Shikama probably did the best cuts.

⚫ The fight with the horse in Kore Zombie 7 was probably done by Yamashita Toshinori

⚫ Star Driver 19 – The circus/aerial battle was done by Satoshi Mori (confirmed on his twitter) (thanks @raito_kun)

⚫ Dragon Crisis 6 – this fight scene is one of my favourite sequences this month. I’m not watching the show, but this is really good, smooth and detailed work. It could be Hiroshi Tomioka but I’m not so sure its his style (judging by other character battle scenes of his I’ve seen) and I don’t know what other cuts were in the episode. Another guess: it could be Matsutake Tokuyuki, who did the cut from episode 1 that appeared in last MAD. But I’m interested to hear if anyone else knows anything.

2. Kimi ni Todoke 6 – probably from god-tier animator, Tetsuya Nishio. The movement of the hair is so crisp and fluid!

2. Bleach 309 – This episode drew a lot of attention from Japanese sakuga fans, and it’s pretty clear why: it features some really good effect animation. The part where the monster (sorry I can’t be more specific – I’m not a Bleach reader/watcher) erupts from the man is really good. That part was probably done by Kurita Shinichi (although some thought he may have done the fight sequence that episode). The series of explosions that follow are probably the work of Tanaka Hironori. The very last segment of this MAD is also from that episode, and could have been done by Kudou Masashi.

Please comment, or ask questions!

19 thoughts on “Sakuga MADs – February 2011 – Notes

  1. I actually liked that fight sequence in Yumekui Merry–cool movement with less drawings. However, I don’t think it’s necessarily an evolution of his style, but more of just getting caught with limited resources. I would have expected a more drastic change than that.

    Nishio appearing on KnT was a nice surprise.

    1. I liked it too. I think it had the usual amounts of drawings for one of his cuts that isn’t a really key scene (like a transformation sequence). But the actual nature of the movements felt a little less ragdoll than usual than usual. It just made me think he might’ve been trying something different.

      1. He probably was, but it didn’t really give me the vibe that he was indeed trying to evolve as a mover or whatnot. I guess I was just comparing his stylistic change to other notable animators who experienced incredible evolution through the years.

        1. maybe. I would like to see Hironori Tanaka evolve though.

          I’m hoping the FMA:B movie will showcase his talent at the cinema level really well. He’s done movies before, but I’m hoping that he’ll have a big part in the movie. Could be unlikely, given that he’s continually working on TV-anime haha.

          1. Who knows. Kenichi Konishi is one of those animation directors who knows which animators to cast and which scene they should work on, but he had Satoshi Kon to guide him in that regard. I’d like him to have an extended part in the film, but yeah, he’s been stuck on TV for a while now. Plus, I’m sure there are also a lot of high-profile guys on that film.

      1. I am very tempted to make one but
        a) I wouldn’t be able to single out animators, just scenes which looked good
        b) It would take me a long time to do it as I’d have to rewatch the show episode by episode -_-

        1. I don’t think you would need to name the animators. Sakuga MADs are as much about just appreciating good animation as particular animators. If you did one, it would be pretty awesome.

          But time is always an issue!

  2. Ootsuka Mai was indeed once at Shaft, I remember her name was listed somewhere in the Shaft block in the video. The involvement with Mahoromatic and KonoMini was because they were co-produced with Gainax, she’s also been doing major work on Shaft’s own Popotan. Today she seems to do work anywhere as freelancer? Though mostly still working on Shaft and Gainax shows it seems.

    The Dragon Crisis fighting in 6 seemed to me like Matsutake Tokuyuki, he also did a bit around the eyecatch in KoreZombie 6.

    Nishio doing some tv animation again was great. Hironori’s Yumekui Merry fights is probably so far my most favourite sequence from this year so far.

    1. She certainly has a lot of spread for someone still working at SHAFT. Looks like she’s a freelancer now. She’s also done plenty of stuff for JC Saff. Was she credited with a different name working on Popotan or something? Sakuga wiki doesn’t list her involvement there.

      Yeah, I’m not too familiar with Matsutake Tokuyuki myself, so I was hesitant to comment. However, it didn’t seem like Hiroshi Tomioka to me. Either way, it was excellent! The second MAD has another Dragon Crisis clip. I can’t go past the Star Driver karaoke scene as my favourite this month.

    1. oh wow thanks for mentioning that. I made a horrible mistake and mixed up two names. Megumi Kouno is the one who likely did that fireball scene (and that whole last action scene). That fits a lot better looking at her past work.

      Ootsuka Mai didn’t actually do key animation on the episode.

      Thank you!

  3. Her usual name I think. Don’t have Popotan myself but according to her AniDB page it was Key Animation on 1-2, 9, 12and Ending. Animation Direction on 6, 12 and Assistant Animation Direction on 3.

    And yeah, as Claro said she was the Character Designer and AD on Pleiades and did no animation there. I really should finally get to watch it, looks sweet enough. And looking at the AniDB page I see she is also doing the Character Designs on that upcoming loli show (Astarotte no Omocha!), will have to follow that one as well I guess.

    Star Driver karaoke scene was really great fun but I think after Kannagi 10 and all of Yamakan’s dancing choreography it just didn’t have as much impact on me. Can understand when most people would name that one their favourite scene though.

    1. Rather than the choreography, I found the technical qualities of the character animation really good in parts. Thanks for the info on Ootsuka Mai!

      Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been insanely busy!

  4. On the first vid, @ :045 after Bakuman, the Onii-chan no Koto….. sauce is wrong, maybe you know the right source?

    1. Are you sure that source is wrong? I haven’t seen past ep 3 of Onii-chan no Koto. However, it doesn’t seem like anything else from that season either..

      1. I saw 1st and 5th eps (what just was that?), the arts and the school uniform do not match. While I was at 5th ep, i thought, that maybe in that title drawing changes sometimes. But no. No luck.
        Maybe I saw different Onii-chan no Koto?

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