Daily Intake 02.03.11

⚫ Macross F ads on trains link

⚫ The Evangelion manga will resume in Young Ace this April. Perhaps it may be finished after all. Still, the author is notoriously slow. (Source)

⚫ The OP of Sket Dance will be done by an AKB48 unit! Nice~ (source)

⚫ Manga version of Ben Tou will be serialised in Jump Square #1

⚫ The OP for the upcoming noitamin anime is Matryoshka by ‘NICO Touches the Walls’. The band has done anime songs before – for Naruto and FMA:Brotherhood. (source)

⚫ Motoko Kusanagi (Gits SAC) was featured in this month’s edition of EYESCREAM. The new 3D cinema treatment Solid State Society is getting was included in the magazine as part of a special ‘Cool Japan Fashion’ feature. I guess GitS SAC is both fashionable and fucking awesome!

⚫ Also, a new novel version is being published, titled ‘GitS SAC, Solid State Society 3D’. How exactly you have a 3D novel, I don’t know, but what I do know is that all of this media output is paving the way for a next entry in the GitS SAC franchise. I’m almost certain an announcement is coming in the next few months.

⚫ A certain bookstore promoting the Index novels featured a really impressive drawing of Index which was apparently done by an employee there. As many others commented, it’s a waste to have such talent working at a bookstore! #1

⚫ All of the anime character designs for SHAFT’s next-season anime, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, have been put on view on the official website. I find these designs interesting.. part of me loves them, but some other part of me finds them dull. I’m torn! But in any case, they will be difficult to keep with that detail in animation. Then again, SHAFT can get away with very little movement!

⚫ The sales numbers for OreImo volume 3 show that sales are not only strong, but consistently so. Often titles will sell a lot of first volumes, but quickly peter out. Volume 3 has sold about the same amount as the last volume – ~17,000 BD and over 4000 DVDs

⚫ Character designs for all the Baby Princess girls in their underwear. Very sexy! link

⚫ A ranking for the next-season anime series with the highest expectations was done by BigGlobe. At the moment Gintama is winning, followed by Hidan no Aria. Steins;Gate is 5th, Seikon no Qwaser 2 is 8th, Dog Days is 10th, Nichijou 11th and C is 15th. I very much doubt this will reflect the true popularity of the anime next season, but it’s still interesting to see where some people’s anticipation lies.

⚫ A new preview clip of Steins;Gate on nicovideo here.




Lotte no Omocha PV2

Oh wait, it’s not Lotte any more is it? Oh well. I’m really looking forward to this, actually.

6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 02.03.11

  1. I’m pretty sure mo*tron try to do this format (daily intake) on their blog. Only to failed miserably (never updated… *sigh*).

    Anyway good job Washi! I don’t recall there’s a blog who do this. Good thing I stumbled across this blog. You’ll always get that extra click from me ;)

  2. Interesting to see that Steins;Gate is 5th, Nichijou is 11th, and C is 15th in that poll. Personally, I’m thinking those will be the hits next season but I guess only time will tell. It looks like a strong Spring with a lot of sequels and OVAs coming out.

    1. Yeah it does look good. I was surprised by the poll results too. Hana Saku Iroha was surprisingly low too, I felt. I’m not sure that C will be a hit, but I hope so.

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