Daily Intake 01.03.11

⚫ Madoka Magica to be novelised by NitroPlus. Guess it makes sense since Gen Urobochi is the writer. Will it be called Madoka Zero, I wonder? (source)

⚫ Kissdom -ENGAGE planet- is getting a rebroadcast. A BD Boxset is also in the works. (source).

⚫ The latest Durarara DVD volume sold over 12,00 in its first week, about 2,000 more than the first-week sales of the last few volumes. It’s pretty clear why – the inclusion of the OVA episode – episode 25! Also, Takuto vol. 2 sold about 2,000 less than volume 1 did in its first week. But, unlike Durarara, Takuto has BD sales!

⚫ The official site for upcoming anime, Pretty Rythmn (starring LISP) is open. The site includes a staff list. Interestingly, venerated moe/loli artist Akio Watanabe is doing the character designs, which you can now see on the site (having been given a redesign treatment for the anime). The anime designs look like they stole the aura from Akio Watanabe. I’d like to see his original designs. The director, Masakazu Hishida, isn’t exactly inspiring either. I now have low expectations for this.

## Watched KoreZombie 7 today. I enjoyed the episode, but not as much as the last few. There were some nice bits of animation (which I’ll talk more about when I do my February sakuga MAD post), and the marriage situation was pretty hilarious/cute. Haruna remains the biggest drawcard for me, I’m afraid (although Eu is up there now). The bit where she was hanging from the window was amusing, and I love all the panty-shots her costume choices give us!

## And for something completely different, I also watched an episode of Gits SAC in a crisp 1090p! In case you didn’t know this about me: Gits SAC is probably my all-time favourite anime series. Even though I’ve seen it four times or so already, it remains totally engaging and fascinating. The creative and intricate storytelling, and the superb edge of quality it exudes puts it on another level altogether than the anime I’m currently watching. GitS SAC, with its ambition and detail is in a rare class (even though it has its weaker moments). I’m still waiting for a new anime to come along of that calibre. If not, then another season of Gits SAC is in order.




Tiger & Bunny PV1


Yozakura Quartet ep 2 PV

I know I’m a bit late posting this PV, but the fact remains that it’s a really exciting PV for a thoroughly promising OVA, that shouldn’t be missed! It seems Ryo-chimo has assembled a great lineup of animators for the second episode of his OVA anime adaptation of Yozakura. I really enjoyed the first episode, and I recommend it to all sakuga fans. I think this ep will be even better.

6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 01.03.11

  1. Masakazu Katsura is a huge Batman fan, after all, so it isn’t that surprising. That said, the moment I found out his involvement in T & B, I knew I was going to check it out. But damn, they killed the hero designs with the 3D…but at least the humans still look Katsura. I’m also actually interested in what Sunrise does with this wacky anime they’ve got.

    And yeah, a 3rd GIG of SAC is long overdue. Kamiyama did a great job with the prior two series, so it’s safe to say he’s their man for any GitS project to come.

    1. Yep. A while ago a I.G producer said that they want to make more, and that they were waiting for Kamiyama to finish with other projects (which turned out to be Eden of the East) before doing so. Also, in an organisational report last year, I.G said they would be focusing on their key titles (which definitely sounds like GitS SAC). The evidence is stacking up!

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