Daily Intake 28/02/11

⚫ Ichigo Mashimaro-themed taxis running in the place where the manga is set, Hamamatsu. How cute! I’d ride one even if I didn’t have anywhere to go! link

⚫ .Hack//Quantum 2 BD is out, and this review of it seems pretty positive (naturally!). Apparently it has less action scenes and has more of an emotional, character focus. That is okay by me, because I really liked the characters from the first episode. Can’t wait to see this. (source)

⚫ Madoka Magica vol.2 jacket and details revealed (link). Coming out 27th of April and includes audio commentary, special booklet, and, most importantly, vol.1 of the soundtrack! Fans of Madoka’s music should be happy at that news!

⚫ (uncomfirmed) plans are being made for To Love Ru Darkness to get an anime adaptation. source

⚫ Actor Beat Takeshi (Battle Royale, Violent Cop, Zatoichi) gave strong advice to prospective Tokyo Governors: Those who will reverse the new manga/anime regulations are good candidates! Wow, I’m not sure I can respect this guy more than I already did, but this is seriously awesome.

⚫ I saw a chart of which TV stations are airing which anime next season. The main point that everyone noticed is that Tokyo MX is amazing, showing nearly all the anime of the season! It’s definitely one of the most anime-friendly stations in Japan at the moment.

## Each month I usually like to weigh up Megami and Nyantype magazines against each other, in terms of their poster selection, and then purchase the best one. But this month is so difficult because both magazines have an amazing array of cute/sexy posters! Nyantype’s | Megami’s. Which is your pick this month? I love the catgirl Yumekui one, the Kodomo no Jikan one, the Index one and the Hanasaku Iroha one from Megami! From Nyantype.. well, that IS artwork is super-sexy, and I also like the Gosick poster, the Sora no Otoshimono poster, the Madoka poster, and the Index one. Maybe I’ll give in and get both?

## Went on a short nostalgia trip after skipping through some Gankutsuou and catching some of the amazing soundtrack. Where are the epic anime soundtracks like that these days? Well, I went and listened to the Shiki soundtracks -as an example of a good recent OST- to comfort me. But, music aside, you should watch Gankutsuou (Count of Monte Cristo) if you haven’t already!




4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 28/02/11

  1. I might have asked you this before Washi, but where do you typically buy your copies of Megami and Nyantype? Online or do you have a brick and mortar store that sells them?

    Keep up the good work on the daily updates!

      1. oh man, BUSY, haha, trying to get through a very difficult semester in my history Ph.D in the States. Hopefully I can make a triumphant return to the internet this summer (late May) when I get to breathe again, ha.

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