Daily Intake 27.02.11

⚫ Anime Announcement: Aquarion Evol TV-anime! The project is spearheaded by Shoji Kawamori of Satelight (Macross Frontier), returning to the series years after Sousei no Aquarion was finished. Kimochiii! No seriously, this seems like it could be quite promising, as the first series was notable in several ways (especially its music, for which Yoko Kanno collaborated with Hisaaki Hogari and used a full orchestra). A preview will apparently be shown before the second Macross F movie, so I hope to hear some opinions on that. official site

⚫ ‘Shoot the QB’ is a little flash stress-reliever which basically involves re-enacting the bit from episode 8 where QB gets pumped full of led. It’s not particularly exciting, but it is is very satisfying! link

⚫ Apparently mono-rails are all the rage in anime this season.. #1

⚫ Hellsing OVA will resume in July! #1

⚫ Lots of awesome photos of the seiyuu from the live Keion Event “Come With Me” are on exhibit on yahoo auctions! Check out the pictures here. Also related – TBS program ‘Newscaster’ profiled the event, and interviewed fans before an after the festival (link). I guess the Keion fandom is kind of impressive when you think about it..




Best thing of today: This fan-animated Madoka Magica OP parody is as hilarious as it is well-done! QB is so naughty!

5 thoughts on “Daily Intake 27.02.11

  1. I’ve heard not so good things about Aquarion, but the music is great (it’s something I would expect from Kanno, anyway). Kawamori always struck me as a very creative idea-man, but his directing doesn’t seem to match up.

    1. Yep. I’m actually not a fan (that’s why I said notable not good XD). The music is definitely exceptional, even if only for the fact that it uses a full orchestra. Not sure I can think of another TV-anime that has done that, off the top of my head. Still might check this out.

      1. Aquarion #19 of the original series is said to be one of the best episodes of anime for that year, so I think it’s worth checking out if only for that (at least for me).

        Not to mention it was a solo episode of one of my favorite people.

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