Daily Intake 25.02.11

⚫ Live event being held for the Sora no Otoshimono movie at Differ Ariake in Tokyo to celebrate the upcoming movie! The date of the event is the 29th of May. Of course, the show’s seiyuu are attending and Youko Hikasa (Mio) is a special guest. There’ll be singing and other things, and the tickets are pretty pricey at 6000 yen. Truthfully, none of this really matters to us because we aren’t in Japan, but I suspect they’ll preview some of the film or at least announce some interesting details. source

⚫ Milky Holmes: A very thorough collection of screencap comparisons between the BD version (volume 2) and the TV version. As the show has been a success, I guess they’re motivated to put a little bit of polish on it (even if sometimes needs more than a little polishing!). source

⚫ This week’s noitaminA ratings were 2.1% for the hour-long block (containing both Horou Musuko and Fractale). Once again there was speculation on 2channel on whether this means Fractale is 4.2% and Horou Musuko is 0% lol. As I’ve said before, I’m sure Fractale has higher ratings, but obviously not by that much!

⚫ One of Kadokawa’s light novel magazines, The Sneaker, will be ceasing publication the 28th of this month! The magazine has carried a few hits such as Haruhi, Trinity Blood and the Code Geass novel adaptations. source

⚫ The author of the wildly popular, and only recently finished, Full Metal Alchemist is already coming back with a new manga to be published in Shounen Sunday! Hiromu Asakawa is an excellent mangaka, and Full Metal Alchemist is a great achievement in storytelling. I can’t wait to see what ambitious tale she’ll hit us with this time! source

⚫ Nice Charlotte shirt for sale. link

⚫ Much like Keion, the new Kyoto Animation TV-anime, Nichijou is getting a lot of love from Japanese TV-stations. It’s currently set to air on 16 TV-stations as well as to be broadcast on NicoNico! #1

⚫ Haha.. this Madoka .gif.




Hidan no Aria CM


A-Channel CM

5 thoughts on “Daily Intake 25.02.11

  1. realistic? Homura smiling? (just a bit) are you sure about that?. And it is also the cat of the opening too. May that cat be Homura? THat might explain some thing lol.

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