Daily Intake 24.02.11

⚫ Looks like the new game that getting a lot of buzz in Japan at the moment, Catherine, was a roaring success! It topped the weekly video game sales charts in terms of PS3 sales, and in total sold over 160,000 in that week! It looks like a really fun game actually. I intend to play it some day! source

⚫ The famous OreImo iphone app has an update available, and it includes Kuroneko! People have been posting lots of screencaps on twitter. Honestly, the OreImo iphone app isn’t very exciting though. But if Kuroneko said ‘sempai’ it would totally be worthwhile!

⚫ Video: Kana Hanazawa aged about 8 LINK

⚫ This post is pretty hilarious: the disastrous iPhone auto-correct results for a range of anime-related terms and names! My favourite is Ginga Bishounen → Ginger Bishop! haha. Ginger Bishop is actually a pretty catchy name! LINK

⚫ Durarara starts broadcasting on NicoNico on the 26th, all 24 episodes in high-quality for premium users. source

⚫ Anime Announcement: Mashiro Iro Symphony. Based on an eroge (view OP here). It will be a TV-anime. These days eroge adaptations aren’t as common as they used to be.. but that still doesn’t make me excited about them. Unless I hear about some great staff in subsequent updates (looks like it’ll be in a couple of hours when the website boots up), I expect this to be mediocre. Official twitter. Official site. (source).

⚫ Based on the daily sales rankings (no actual numbers) it looks like Level E volume 1 has sold pretty well. On the other hand, Yamakan’s live-action movie he did last year appears to have done pretty damn poorly. This saddens me deeply. I don’t care about that particular movie, but I’m worried for Yamakan’s mental well-being!

⚫ Ika Musume and Ferrari are doing a collaboration! It seems cars and anime do mix (how long till there’s a Top Gear episode on anime? ww). source

⚫ So that Lucky Star announcement we were all holding our breaths for disappointingly turned out to be something other than a second season. Why can’t we have more Lucky Star!? ;_;. But at least it was a surprising announcement – for a Lucky Star musical! Ho…wh..wha…huh? Waiting for more info before I say any more.

⚫ The weekly light novel and manga sales numbers are out. Fairy Tale vol. 25 topped the chart selling ~275,000 copies. Negima 33 did well at 5th, selling ~130,000. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei sold 49,000. In its third week out One Piece vol. 61 sold 152,000, bringing the total for that volume up to a frightening 2,724,241 copies. That’s a copy for more than 1 in every 50 people in Japan!

As for light novels, Durarara came first even in its second week selling ~31,000. Infinite Stratos volumes are still selling well even though they’ve been out for weeks. In fact, volume 2 sold more in its 9th week than any of the later volumes did. That’s a clear sign that the anime has significantly boosted its popularity.

##Thanks to all the people who voted on yesterday’s poll! You seemed to be in support of Yamakan resigning if Fractale sells less than 2000 copies. So you think he needs to keep his word, I guess. Personally, I like him and his attitude and hopes he stays around regardless of how Fractale does. But I would like him to learn a lesson about saying careless things.

##Watched the new OreImo episode today and had a ball! So fun! I also broswd through the Genshiken Official Book that Del-Ray released, with discussions about the manga, extra stories and a very nice interview with Ken Akamatsu. Anyway it struck me just how much my knowledge of otaku culture has deepened in just the last couple of years. Of course, I’m still not on the level of Madarame (past the unsurpassable wall).





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  1. what anime/manga is the first picture from? (sorry if this is a stupid question, but everytime I try to look for it, it just brings up a link to this blog.)

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