Daily Intake 23.02.11

⚫ Nice 2channel-translation report on the recent Keion concert at Mangajet! LINK

⚫ The Keion TV-anime has broken a record by selling over 500,000 thousand Blu-rays in total! That’s pretty impressive, but don’t forget that it’s a 2-cour anime. So on a per-volume sales basis, there are certainly TV-anime with stronger BD sales, such as Bakemonogatari. source

⚫ Anime announcement: based on a light novel, Ben・Tou is an action-comedy story about a guy who gets stuck in a ‘supermarket survival battle’. I dunno, even if it sounds kinda dumb, it is very popular. It hit fifth in the 2010 light novel ranking. Funny that this news came out just as 2channel was talking about how light-novel anime announcements are dying off (the theory being that original is coming back into popularity, or that they’re running low on popular titles). Maybe the explosion of light-novel anime is slowing, but they’ll be around for a long time to come. source

⚫ The OP for next-season anime, Hidan no Aria will be done by May’n (the singing voice of Sheryl)! #1

⚫ The author of the Infinite Stratos light novel says he’s troubled by how to make Rin a cuter character. He says, although he likes Rin, she does give off a cute vibe at all, which he admits may be due to his lack of skill. He apologises to Rin fans. Of course, I wouldn’t take these comments too seriously. The blog entry has an up-beat tone, so I don’t think there’s too much angst behind it. This is just the latest and most official thing I’ve heard about Rin not being a very good character, so I think it’s about time I came out and threw in my support for her! I find her really cute already! Not on the level of Charles, obviously, but she’s cuter than England! source

⚫ Zero no Tsukaima ending at volume 22. It’s had a good run, and it’s nice to know it’s ending. I have to admit, I’m kind of curious about what note it’ll end up on in terms of the Louise/Saitou relationship. source

⚫ Although the Sisters arc is finished, the Railgun manga will be continuing on, and it will feature a new character designed by Haimura Kiyotaka (the Index novel illustrator)! Can’t wait for it! source

⚫ The new TV-anime for kids starring the seiyuu unit, LISP, Pretty Rythmn, will air at 10am every Saturday morning. source

⚫ Upcoming anime R-15 about an ero-novel student writer is officially set to air in Summer season! #1

⚫ Kannagi will be re-aired on Tokyo MX! Could this be a sign of more Kannagi coming our way, now that the author is back on her feet and doing the manga again? #1

##Once again, I didn’t get the chance to watch any anime today (sigh). Actually, I tell a lie; my day was brightened up somewhat with 1080p versions of the Sakura memorial specials (Cardcaptor Sakura), which I might do a brief post on after this. The first ‘true end’ OreImo episode came out today, which has got the net all fired up. I’m pretty excited to see that tomorrow! More Kuroneko, more Saori, and more Kirino – sounds like a recipe for fun!

Discussions on a possible Kannagi season 2 got me thinking .. about the infamous directory, Yamakan. So I added a controversial poll today! Follow your heart!





4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 23.02.11

    1. Here are a few: Kirino is 16.5 (24.9 is overweight, >29.9 is obesity). The average American is 26.6, so overweight.

      And just for fun: To have Kirino’s BMI at 5’10”, you’d have to weigh 115 pounds. Mio’s would be 147. The average American would be 186 or 71 pounds heavier than Kirino at the same height.

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