Daily Intake 21.02.2011

⚫ Something interesting to come out of the Record Industry Association of Japan’s recent survey on consumer music habits was the surprising percantage of young people buying anime music, particularly singles. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising when you consistently see anime music singles in the top 10 charts (a trend that’s only really ramped up in the last few years), but to hear a statistic like 54% of male middle school students and 42.4% of male high school students bought anime singles it’s really quite astounding. Can the anime industry really be called a niche? I think not. LINK

⚫ Very nice 3D scene of a certain Mami moment from Madoka LINK

⚫ Via an announcement on her blog, seiyuu Kaori Nazuka has revealed that she is getting married! Sometimes idols or seiyuus getting married triggers mixed reviews among the otaku crowd, but of course I say congratulations are in order! This is because she also vowed to work even harder on her seiyuu career! Unlike many others, I remember her most for her role as Sana in Innocent Venus! source

⚫ GAINAX are promoting an upcoming Panty & Stocking DJ night at famed anison club, MOGRA. The date of the event is the 26th, from 11pm to 5am Japan time and the title of the show is ‘No Pan Night’! Sounds exciting! I’ll probably be watching some of the online stream. source

⚫ The latest issue of Weekly Shounen Champion carried a major announcement for Ika Musume… season 2! Fans have been rejoicing over the news all day. Sadly, I didn’t watch that anime so it doesn’t elicit the same jubilant reaction from me. Season 2 will air on This is that important announcement they were talking about back then. #1

⚫ On a related note, seiyuu Tanaka Rie tweeted about the announcement in surprise. No one told her? ww source

⚫ Hana Saku Iroha’s (P.A Works upcoming original TV-anime) ED will be done by Sphere. source

⚫ This issue of Monthly Afternoon announced a whopping 3 anime! The anime are: Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan (a 4koma), Pu~neko, and Hato no Oyomesan [Hato’s Bride]. #1





Because there were no videos today, I decided to drag something out of my AMV archives.. but then I discovered it wasn’t on the increasingly shit youtube (copyright bs no doubt). So I chose something even better instead:

A Little Retrospect

This is an AMV made up of other AMVs. But it’s much more than that – it’s a tribute to the great AMVs and AMV-makers over the (many) years who have worked so hard to express and entertain the anime fandom. I don’t know if there are any other bros here who really get into AMVs, but for me they have been, and still are, representative of the eras that my history as an anime fan has stepped through. In some cases, they actually have strong sentimental value attached to them. I still remember watching the Greed vs Envy AMV back in 2004 during the early days of the university anime club (one of my first visits there), or showing my friends Odorikku for the first time, years ago. Then there’s all the times I’ve watched AMV Hell with my friends. There’s something special about this, more than just seeing tribute paid to the AMVs I’ve played to death. Maybe it’s because, as the song hints at, it does feel like a certain era is coming to an end. Obviously the days of relying on an anime club for your anime have long gone, but even in the last few years the internet has made everything so easy and accessible that a little magic has gone out of the fandom. It feels less personal. /rant

Please share your thoughts on this AMV if you recognise any!

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