Daily Intake 20.02.11

⚫ A new amusing flash-game for Madoka Magica came out: ほむほむ☆ジャンプ (Homu-Homu Jumo)! This one deals with the fight between Homura and Charlotte and consists of jumping from platform to platform to escape the same fate as Mami’s! It’s really polished, unlike the other flash-games we’ve seen this season, with cute artwork and everything! Check it out! My record (for version 1.04) is 269m! LINK

⚫ Keion Azusa cosplay AV (Adult Video) pictures at AkibaBlog. I wouldn’t normally be interested in this, but the girl is actually pretty damn cute. LINK (NSFW)

⚫ Kyuube used as the display for a laptop sales display in Akiba! It’s amusing, but also quite a good shot for comparison! LINK

⚫ A store in Akiba has a scary Kyuube Mannequin out front! LINK

⚫ The huge Keion live event (Come With Me!!) went down today in Saitama Sports Arena, so 2channel was abuzz with chatter about the event. I wonder how it was..

⚫ One thing to come from the event was the Keion movie release date: 3rd December this year. source

⚫ Nico net-broadcast of Madoka Magica 6 was canceled for “various” reasons. How very strange. They should at least have said why. source

## I watched Fractale and Gosick today, to finish off the weekend viewing! Fractale was actually pretty disappointing because it felt like an unremarkable and pointless episode. It was also awkward.. in a way I can’t properly describe. Gosick, on the other hand, was more compelling than usual. The fact that this “case” is so personal for Victorique gives these episodes a certain edge! Also, the bathing scene was lovely!





5 thoughts on “Daily Intake 20.02.11

  1. haha, i had to laugh at those scenes from Oniichan no Koto ep 7 too, all those ero-incest related anime billboards. Loved it!

  2. haha exactly, though I guess if you stretched logic out quite a bit, you could make the argument that Nayu and her step-brother Kiego’s relationship is somehow semi-incestual? ha, bit of a reach

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