Daily Intake 19.02.11

⚫ A new 4-koma manga magazine is starting soon: Manga Time Kirara Miracle. The magazine’s catch-phrase is ‘[enjoy] 4koma more freely!’ and it promises to bring a variety of works with an aim to feature cute heroines! The first volume comes out on the 16th of March. I just want to know how many of the manga will feature furigana! source

⚫ Seitokai no Ichizon XXXX announcement! Yes, they actually announced that a new SOMETHING has been decided for the Seitokai no Ichizon series. But we won’t know just what that something is until Dragon Magazine’s May issue. I’m guessing it’s an OVA, but I’m hoping for another TV-anime. Although sales weren’t amazing, they were good enough that a new season wouldn’t be impossible (average of at least 4000).

⚫ This manga ‘Tenshi no Katte’ looks incredibly sexy! Looks like the general concept is that Angels, who happen to all be sexy girls, don’t wear clothes. So it’s a pretty full-on nudity manga. I’m okay with this. http://cartoonworld.blog120.fc2.com/blog-entry-1928.html

⚫ An official book for the (amazing) key animation work on BONES’ Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_3f888b910100s919.html There are a lot of pictures of the genga and layouts on that blog, and it includes some really memorable scenes from Yoshimichi Kameda, Hironori Tanaka and others. I think I might try and get my hands on it.

## So, I watched a bunch of anime today. Here are my thoughts:

Madoka #7: Not a bad episode, but the show has yet to throw another punch on the same level as episode 3. I’ve become much more fond of Kyouko after hearing her somewhat tragic backstory, but that’s offset by a decreasing interest in the other characters. The silhouette action sequence did look pretty cool, but my opinion of SHAFT is so jaded I couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t a bit of a money or time-saving technique.

Infinite Stratos #7: This show is now all about Charles! Seriously, this reverse trap has stolen my heart and every one else’s, and there was some pretty top-tier fanservice of her this week!

Index #19: This arc is made of so much win, it really makes you realise how awful the last couple of arcs have been. After the glorious and fanservicey fun of the imouto-clones and Last Order running around, this episode turns up the ante with the entry of a new villain who’s a match for even the mighty Accelerator! Accelerator getting punched is a big moment for the show, because it’s such a difficult thing to do! Also, as a proud fan of Last Order/Accelerator, this was a milestone episode because it dug deeper than usual into Accelerator’s feelings. I still think he ought to replace Touma as the main character.

Yumekui Merry #7: Beach episodes are always great! Highlights: Merry in a school swimsuit, a really awesome and psychotic new villain, Isana’s dad being badass!





Gundam Unicorn ep 3 Preview (first 8 minutes)


Nichijou PV2(first 8 minutes)

13 thoughts on “Daily Intake 19.02.11

  1. That Nichijou PV looks fantastic. Lots of great character animation as expected of Kyoani. I am definitely looking forward to this show.

      1. I’m sure they’ll get to doing more FMP eventually. After all, they still have a close relationship with Gatoh (author of the light novels). I personally don’t really mind what they choose to adapt as long as they continue to do so with the level of quality they have become known for.

        But I do see where you’re coming from. Here’s to more FMP in 2012! (Assuming they devote the rest of this year to Nichijou and the K-ON movie)

      2. KyoAni has some very creative people within the company.

        The problem is the management. While they’re very good at hitting the jackpot, they have no artistic inclinations whatsoever (anime seems to be a pure business venture for them, although they’re very smart when it comes to product planning and cultivation of talent), and that’s stifling any potential for innovation. It’s easy to see why the relationship between KyoAni and Yamakan got ugly, although I have a feeling that the latter might have difficulty fitting into -any- corporate culture.

        1. I don’t know about not having artistic inclinations, but certainly they’re not very creative, ambitious or risk-taking. But at the end of the day, all studios are out to make money.

          I really would like to know the real reason for Yamakan being kicked off his Lucky Star position (neither party have said, other than KyoAni saying it was because he hadn’t reached the level of director yet). I suspect it was an argument over being faithful to the manga or not (although Yamakan did argue for some of the more creative differences in Haruhi without a problem).

  2. if you up the brightness of the madoka ep7 screenshots, you can see that it’s actually coloured and darkened afterward.

    and dude, what’s worse than seeing your best friend killed in front of your eyes? killing your best friend yourself. Ep6 has the scene and I’m surprised that you didn’t think that has a bigger shock.

    1. Yeah the 3 rule seems promising 3 ,6, 9 and 12. And about the shadow scene (also 2d) one I think I have enjoyed it at the same level or even more of another witches. It is quite epic and music fits so greatly.

      1. Episode 7 and Madoka still isn’t a magical girl.

        As the rumours go, the OP is a lie! That, or she’ll become on in the last episode!

          1. Possibly, but I get the impression it won’t be a clean sequel because Gen Urobochi would have written this with a complete story in mind.

            Actually 2channel was discussing this last week and came up with some options like a Mami prequel or a new story with new characters.

    2. No, only a couple of bits have actual detail on the cel and are coloured. The majority of the sequence is just a silhouette.

      There wasn’t much of a shock in that episode because I assumed Sayaka wouldn’t actually die, and of course she didn’t. So I guess it was a shock when it happened, but didn’t really have much impact unlike Mami’s actual death.

      1. well, to be fair. if she dies there she has a good deal. That kind of death is probably the most peaceful one. It’s clear that Urobuchi has other things in mind for her, namely destroying her mental health and let her be corrupted.

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