Daily Intake 16.02.11

⚫ Infinite Stratos flash game link. Unlike the Madoka one this is actually more like a real game haha. link

⚫ Mangajet has posted the finalist videos for the ‘MikuMikuDance(MMD) Cup 6’ here. I haven’t had the chance to watch them myself, but it’s obviously something Vocaloid fans should check out.

⚫ The voce cast for the Idol M@ster anime were announced at the end of a PV for the new Idol Master game:

    Eriko Nakamura: Haruki Amami
    Akiko Hasegawa: Miki Hoshii
    Asami Imai: Chihaya Kisaragi
    Mayako Nigo: Yayoi Takatsuki
    Azumi Asakura: Yukiho Hagiwara
    Hiromi Hirata: Makoto Kikuchi
    Asami Shimoda: Mami Futami, Ami Futami
    Rie Kugimiya: Iori Minase
    Chiaki Takahashi: Azusa Miura
    Yumi Hara: Takane Shijou
    Manami Numakura: Hibiki Ganaha
    Naomi Wakabayashi: Ritsuko Akizuki

(Via ANN)

ANN reports: The well-respected director of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Kunihiko Ikuhara is working on an as-of-yet untitled TV-anime series to air later this year. This could be interesting. Ikuhara is a pretty elusive figure these days.

⚫ The new volume of Negima (vol. 33) has been released, and we also have the news that the Negima movie will be released this summer (in theaters)! I figured this announcement would relate to the movie. Obviously as fans outside of Japan will have a long, painful wait to see the movie, but I’m at least excited to hear comments on the film. As was to be expected, SHAFT is handling the animation production (although just how much they are able to handle in-house is another question altogether).

⚫ The planning for an anime adaptation of Tanaka Romio’s light novel series, ‘Shinrui wa Suitaishimashita (Humanity Decayed) has advanced! #1

⚫ The official image on Kadokawa’s website for the Sora no Otoshimono movie looks really strange.What has she done to her arm!? link

⚫ A new manga series has been announced for Young Champion, ‘Bakuon!!” by mangaka, Mimana Orimoto. The story revolves around highschool girls who join a motorcycle club. If the Keion similarity hasn’t hit you yet, then it will when you see this official picture. Obviously no mention of Keion has been made from the magazine or author, but they must have known people would instantly react to it. This could either be a sad grab for attention or a decent parody manga.

⚫ This week’s Hayate no Gotoku manga chapter featured a Mami joke~ #1





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