Daily Intake 15.02.11

⚫ Best anime news of the day goes to.. *drum roll* the announcement of a new original anime film from Production I.G by the famous director of Jin-Roh, Hiroyuki Okiura: A Letter to Momo. ANN translated the premise as:

    “Dear Momo” — that was all that was written on a letter left behind by Momo’s late father. Momo and her mother have just moved from Tokyo to the countryside of Japan’s Inland Sea. On an island lies a wondrous town surrounded on all sides by quaint homes and nature’s landscape. Even as Momo starts a new life, she wonders, “Father, what did you really wanted to write in your letter…?” One day, she discovers an ancient book in the attic, and from that day forward, strange happenings occur all around Momo.

But what’s more important are some of the names involved: Masashi Ando (Paprika, Spirited Away) as animation director, with a stunning lineup if key animators: Takeshi Honda (who I wrote about here), Tetsuya Nishio (one of my all-time favourites), and Hiroyuki Aoyama. And of course, I’m a fan of Hiroyuki Okiura himself.

⚫ Macross F Visual Collection Artbook released on the 20th of this month. link

⚫ Strike Witches movie expected in 2012, while Sora no Otoshimono is scheduled for release early this summer.

⚫ The top 10 anime releases in North America in 2010:

    1. Ponyo Blu-ray
    2. Evangelion 1.11 You Are Not Alone Blu-ray
    3. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 1 Blu-ray
    4. Naruto Shippuden Box Set 1
    5. Gintama Collection 1
    6. Oh! Edo Rocket      
    7. Rental Magica, Part 2  
    8. Hetalia Axis Powers: The Complete First Season
    9. Eden of the East: The Complete Series Blu-Ray
    10. Soul Eater Part 1

⚫ Seems like there was a Mai Otome “Valentines Night” event! link What’s amazing is that they’re still promoting this anime so many years down the track. People are guessing that there might be something new coming for the franchise. I sure hope so~!

⚫ Lucent Heart online game/Index collaboration. link

⚫ Oh yeah, the rules for Touhou doujin creations have been changed fairly dramatically to disallow anime fanworks and certain other things. Avoid Sankaku Complex’s article on the subject (read ANN’s instead). By the way, I should mention here that ANN’s news reporting is pretty darn good, but I’ll always hate them for their terrible reviews and editorials which have fostered a bitter and close-minded anime fandom for far too long.

## didn’t watch any anime today as I went out to dinner after work. I did notice wordpress.com has polls and custom forms you can put into posts now. I don’t think they were there before.. Well, let’s give them a try!


3 thoughts on “Daily Intake 15.02.11

  1. Leaving out Toshiyuki Inoue, aren’t we? Anyway, the staff list definitely has some big names there, though I wonder how they got Aoyama on board. Madhouse connections with Ando, perhaps.

    Great to finally see Okiura’s movie finally spread some news. I hope the same thing happens to Tadashi Hiramatsu’s Ghost Rhapsody.

  2. Yeah Toshiyuki Inoue .. not sure why I didn’t mention him – I love his work!

    Ghost Raphsody has been in the works for ages, so I guess it won’t do the rounds unless some major new info comes out.

    1. I was under the impression that maybe they had trouble finding staff, since the last I read about it, only Akemi Hayashi was confirmed to be attached–not to mention there are other major features sucking up people.

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