.Hack//Quantum Review

.Hack//Quantum is a brand new OVA addition to the long-running .Hack franchise, but more importantly, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable and superbly produced anime that doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it deserves across the English-speaking anime fandom! To be honest, I kind of understand that. While the .Hack series has its fans, many people are disenchanted with the franchise or who thought .Hack//Sign was enough. I don’t blame them. I felt the same way after struggling through the mediocre .Hack//Roots, and I haven’t been a passionate fan of any of the various incarnations. So let me make this really clear: this is easily the best thing to come out of .Hack, full stop. Perhaps this will ring truer when I say that the studio Bee Train and director Koichi Mashimo are not at all involved. This is the first .Hack series that has been passed on to new hands, and these new hands are extremely capable, capturing this fresh start and turning it into something really great. It’s obviously not what I’d call a masterpiece, but from both a technical perspective and in terms of entertainment value, it’s virtually impossible to fault. It has character, action, suspense, awesome fantasy elements, cute girls, and plenty of humour.

To thank for this achievement, we have director Masaki Tachibana, who was behind Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. The script is handled adeptly by Tatsuya Hamazaki, who is actually a long-time player in the franchise, having done the story for Roots, and Legend of the Twilight. This is certainly his best work, because the characterisation and dialogue actually feels like it has an edge of believability to it, and feels very natural. Atsushi Hasabe is a good animator who’s stepped up for his first character design/chief animation director role and done a marvelous job. All the designs are attractive and the animation work is very clean. There are some moments of very fast and fluid animation. Those moments probably have more animation than all of Sign combined haha. This anime also has a clear edge in its integration of 3DCG and traditional animation, which serves the battle sequences really well, and fleshes out the background ‘extras’ in certain scenes (like at the marketplace). Possibly the only element of this anime’s production that really doesn’t stand out is the music, which is handled by Kou Ootani. Kou Ootani is fairly well-known, and I’ve enjoyed some of her work, but it doesn’t really compare to the evocative BGM music of Sign or even Roots.

I think the real reason I enjoyed it is that it’s much more personal and affectionate than other .Hack series, which usually feature distant and lethargic protagonists. This is not just because it switches between the real school-life of the three main girls, but also because their characters and inherently more likeable and fun to watch. Sakuya (Kana Hanazawa) is the main character and brings together Tobias (Miyuki Sawashiro) and Mary (Fujimura Ayumi) with her endearingly ditz personality. Kana Hanazawa, as usual, really nails her role here. She portrays Sakuya with just the right energy and silliness. It’s funny hearing Kana and Miyuki Sawashiro together as friends yet again, after Durarara and then Black Rock Shooter! The three girls have a good dynamic, and their troubles in-game are interwoven with real-life issues such as exams and the future. When the shit launches itself towards the fan by the end of the episode, there’s a real sense of drama because you feel for the characters.

For spectacle, charm, and character, Quantum is brimming with life. It’s a fun anime which I don’t see many people not enjoying, and it’s certainly the best thing to happen to the .Hack series. Do yourself a favour and check it out!

7 thoughts on “.Hack//Quantum Review

  1. not enough screencaps with the Cat. You failed. :P

    kana did a good job when I couldn’t even recognise the seiyuu in the first place. Her voice just fits so naturally into the character.

    lastly, I kept getting the BRS vibe, probably because I haven’t seen enough series with double persona

    1. Yeah she totally became Sakuya. It’s one of my favourite roles of hers. I think she’s better at energetic characters than quiet ones, tbh.

  2. I really enjoyed Quantum too, being a fan of the original .hack//Sign. The departure from Bee Train was a breath of fresh air, and I was definitely impressed by the quality of animation and storytelling in Quantum. I also got the same feeling as Jeroz with regards to the BRS connection, but I felt that the slice-of-life friendship connection (aka K-On) connection between BRS and Quantum was stronger. That also indicated to me though that Quantum wouldn’t be something on the level of .hack//Sign, just because of how heavily this element was played up in the beginning. Ah well, I still love the setting, and I’m especially glad to see how well Masaki Tachibana worked with it. I’ve only watched the first episode though, so I can’t wait to watch the other two!

    1. .hack//Sign had more potential than this anime does, but it failed to capitalise on it, whereas this anime has leapt well beyond the inherent quality of its story.

      The only BRS vibe I picked up on is the similarity between the two main characters (both pretty similar Kana Hanazawa characters).

      Glad you enjoyed this!

  3. Do I need to watch the previous series to understand this? More importantly do I need to play the games? I heard roots has unlikeable characters with next to no backstory. Is that true?

    I remember ages ago I played the first .hack game and I really liked it….but I never got round to playing the other 3 parts. It would be a pain if I needed to know how the games storyline goes.

  4. just watched this and holy shit does does Asumi/Sakuya annoy me.. Her reckless and thoughtless moves and with no regard to the consequences it may have on the rest of the characters is just… enraging.. T___T I actually really wish she died then maybe less people will become lost ones T____T

  5. I dislike it greatly actually. Especially the lazy character designs. I wouldn’t consider those that only watched .hack//sign as .hack fans. Most people who watched .hack//roots and was dissapointed with the story didn’t know that the anime was released as a prequel to the .hack//G.U. videogame series.

    The problem with this series is the fact that they recycle the characters designs of past popular characters for the 3rd or 4th time. First there was the original .hack games that featured kite, orca, black rose and bulmung; then they released the manga adaption .hack\\xxxx, then they reused the characters for the manga and anime .hack//the legend of twilight; then they used then again in the .hack//roots-G.U. and now this.They need to stop copy pasting characters and create new characters that don’t relate or resemble to kite, black rose, bulmung or orca.

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