Daily Intake 14.02.11

⚫ A new manga from the author and illustrator of the Rideback manga, Tetsuro Kasahara, has done something new: Tandem Lover! You can see some pictures of the manga on Akibablog here. The reason this really caught my eye is that it’s described as a mecha + yuri story. True to that, the illustrations show some pretty cool mecha designs and cute girls blushing at each other. I like this concept very much!

⚫ Mangajet has done this very nice schedule for otaku events in Japan throughout the year! If you’re planning on heading over, you can use this list to aim for these great events! link

⚫ A new Ao no Excorcist CM has been uploaded to the official site here.

⚫ AkibaOS posted some pictures of bonus that Gamers (store) is offering for consecutive purchases of BD volumes for different series. The Star Driver one is pretty ugly. I think that was a Megami poster.. link

⚫ An Important announcement for Ika Musume will come with the next issue of Shounen Champion! source

⚫ The cover for the first volume of the new Index light novel series, ‘New Testament To Aru Majutsu no Index” has been revealed (illustrated by Haimura of course!). #1 I’m curious about what this series will cover..

⚫ Suite Precure episode 2 ratings: 5.7% (down from 6.5% last week). Seems to be the lowest rated Precure series so far..

⚫ An important announcement will come with the next issue of Negima’s magazine! Could it be more info on the upcoming movie? Another OVA announcement? #1

⚫ The official Steins;Gate website is decorated by a crossover picture of Madoka Magica! Interesting collaboration! link

⚫ In a news report about a guy’s apartment half exploding (due to some gas problem apparently), the thing some people noticed was that the guy owned the Love Hina Limited Boxset! Nice~ #1

⚫ For some reason this protest sign against the womanising Italian Prime-minister featured 2D bishoujo characters. Has he been cheating on our waifus too!? #1





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