Daily Intake 14.02.11

⚫ Nice Star Driver figures on display, including Tauburn, possibly the most delicate mecha design I’ve ever seen, and definitely the most feminine! link

⚫ Lovely image of Kirino (OreImo) done in the style of Nadeko from her Bakemonogatari OP, Renai Circulation! There’s no way Kirino could be as cute as Nadeko! link

⚫ Photos of a special Mistudomoe cafe that was set up to celebrate the second season. link

⚫ Apparently one of the lines in the scene from the latest Infinite Stratos episode where Ichika feeds Charles was ad-libbed by Kana Hanazawa! That’s really cool. As far as I know, ad-libbing is rarely included in anime. I wonder which particular part it was.. (source)

⚫ A pile of new Dog Days magazine scans have been uploaded to the web. This anime is looking cuter and cuter by the day (but just as identical to Nanoha!). I have to admit, I’m okay with it being Nanoha+dog-eared girls. link

⚫ Check out this amusing fan-made flash game based around the scene from Madoka Magica #6 where Madoka throws Sayaka’s gem off the brige! link

⚫ The weekly DVD/BD sales charts are out. As you might have guessed, the new Kara no Kyoukai release topped both DVD and BD sales, with a combined total of ~44K copies sold! Pretty impressive stuff. Sengoku Basara continues to be bought en masse by its fangirl followers, selling around 10K DVDs. One interesting thing to note is the sales of Katanagatari, which have been gradually decreasing with each new volume. This 11th volume sold around 5900 copies in total in its first week, compared with 7500 copies for the first volume. And the trend downward is pretty noticeable across all volumes. Index II vol.1 has now sold over 13K BD copies, which is pretty damn good, although still not on the level of its spinoff, Railgun.

⚫ This was a few days ago, but Kadokawa’s CEO made some strong comments in regards to governor Ishihara’s revision to the regulations affecting anime & manga, calling Ishihara’s stance discrimination against a particular genre and business, and that young people understand the difference between reality and fiction and excessive regulation is not neccesary. He also reiterated that Kadokawa cancelled their presence at TAF in protest of the attitude of officials in the Tokyo metropolis towards anime and manga. source

## Had my weekly meeting with friends to catch up on the week’s anime and hang out. We didn’t get through everything, but watched Merry #6, Madoka #6, Infinite Stratos #6 and Index #18. I’ll do a post with my thoughts on them tomorrow, I think (it’s a public holiday here!), but the general consensus was that they were great fun and that Kyuube is an ass!. I also had a game of texas holdem’ with the Railgun playing cards that came with the newest Dengeki Daiou magazine and once again played through the hilarious doujin game ‘To aru pantsu no Railgun’. There sure wasn’t a lot of news to cover today.. or yesterday. I’m pretty sure we’ll get a bit of a flood soon, particularly after ACE (rather than TAF lol!).

## I’ve also been reading through the Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya manga in Japanese (for practice/learning!), and it’s really fun. Definitely worth a read, even if you aren’t a Type Moon fan!





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    1. Yeah it’s so hard to say. The publishers were supposed to be getting some guidelines that would basically clarify what would be enforced, but I dunno when that will happen or if it will be made public.

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