Daily Intake 12.02.11

⚫ Apparently a leak surfaced on 2channel’s ‘sales’ thread about a new Starchild anime with animation being done by ZEXCS and feel. It’s said to be an original TV-anime with the themes of beautiful girls and action. What’s interesting is the staff list:

Director: Hisaya Takabayashi
Series Composition:Katsumi Hasegawa
Original character design:Itou Noiji
Character design:Yukiko Ibe

Itou Noiji KITTA! I don’t know I could trust Yukiko Ibe to translate her designs into anime format, given his lack of senior positions so far, but it’s a start! The other staff don’t seem too impressive either, but it’s always good to see original anime springing up. Based on this leak, 2channel is already saying it will bomb, referring to the abysmal Fortune Arterial sales of ~1,500 per volume (that was done by ZEXCS/feel). What do you guys think of this, if it turns out to be real?

⚫ An awesome fan made a Gekota (the frog mascot character Misaka is so infatuated with in Index/Railfgun) phone strap! It’s really well made. I’m sure this guy could seduce Biri-biri with this! link

⚫ Famous Akihabara otaku store, Tora no Ana, did a mid-season anime popularity poll, and put the results on view today. As you might expect from the Tora no Ana crowd, Madoka Magica came out on top! I’m surprised level E is third.., and it’s sad to see Fractale so low down! #1

⚫ Someone leaked a preview of the Steins;Gate ED here (play the embedded video). I quite like it, actually!

⚫ Madoka Magica manga volume 1 has sold out from a number of stores it seems! #1

⚫ Some crazy fan of Charles from Infinite Stratos couldn’t bear to be away from their waifu when they went to the toilet, so they decided to add a laminated print-out of her! (photo) lolol. As you’d hope, other 2ch visitors rightly called him an idiot, but it’s still funny in an awkward kind of way. I prefer this one because you get the feeling they’d be judging you haha.





6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 12.02.11

  1. The hack sign one is quite old lol. But yeah the ova of that image has more weird art that Shaft.

    I guess Toranoana rank was done after ep3 right? Madoka is in the 1st position after all.

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