Daily Intake 11.02.11

⚫ The latest issue of Animedia magazine features this stunning Kirino poster! It’s a swimsuit valentines-themed poster! In other words, cute and sexy. link

⚫ In 1010, Anime Blu-ray and DVD sales collectively increased 20.1% compared with the previous year. just remember that next time you hear someone say that the anime industry is dying. source

⚫ Connect by ClariS (Madoka Magica’s OP) has been voted the favourite anime song of the season! 2nd is the Dragon Crisis OP, followed by Yumekui Merry’s OP and ED respectively. Fractale’s OP, my clear personal favourite, didn’t even make it into the top 10. Shame on you, Japan!

⚫ Illustrations/designs of the magical girls of the Type-Moon universe! Kaleido-Ruby is probably still my favourite, although Prisma Ilya is pretty damn awesome! #1 #2

⚫ Looks like the Star Driver BD’s include marginally increased fabulousness (animation fixes) #1

⚫ No. 6 anime website is open! http://www.no-6.jp/, and it shows off a rather nice image. When I say nice, I mean the qualkity of the artwork is good. On the downside it gives me this disconcerting vibe that it’s pitching to fangirls. It’s those designs.

⚫ Animator Seiya Numata is on twitter! http://twitter.com/numa_milky . Seriously, the more staff we get on twitter the better. It’s becoming an invaluable source of news and industry gossip!

⚫ Interesting.. Yumekui Merry has been licensed already!? Strange choice of title, Sentai. link

⚫ What Madoka should have done the moment she met Kyuube #1

⚫ This is a Studio Shaft kind of table #1





10 thoughts on “Daily Intake 11.02.11

    1. I really like Chika Umino as a character designer. Having a jousei artist do the designs is fine by me, it’s just a matter of whether or not they look too ‘pretty’ or not.

  1. toi8’s character designs don’t look that bad to me, plain though they may look. In the end, it just depends on how well his characters are moved

    For me, someone who’s worked on Le Chevalier D’eon is someone I trust.

    1. They don’t look ‘bad’, I just meant that they looked like the kind of designs pitched at the fujoshi crowd. I just hope that they don’t feel like in the context of the anime, because that would ruin the sci-fi story element for me.

        1. Madoka is actually my first foray into Kajiura’s music, and I honestly don’t see why she’s hyped up that much. Magia gets really old really quick, but since I’m no Kajiura expert, I don’t think I’m that qualified to talk about it.

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