Daily Intake 09.02.11

⚫ A couple more Wonfest figure galleries from AkibaBlog that are worth checking out: loli-figures only, the miscellaneous selection!

⚫ Screencap previews of the upcoming Highschool of the Dead OVA. Looks like lots of bouncing breasts and gags to enjoy! link

⚫ Along with some character design art of the main heroine, the ANOHANA cast was revealed! Ai Kayano plays the pictured heroine, Meiko Honma (aka Menma). She’s a fairly new player in the seiyuu realm, so I’ll have to listen closely to see if she really captures this role or not. She’ll be alongside Saori Hayama (Ikaros, Saki from Eden of the East) as Chiriko Tsurumi, and the lovely Haruka Tomatsu. This anime seems pretty promising, judging by the staff. #1

⚫ Staff for upcoming noitaminA anime, Usagi Drop by Production I.G: Kanta Kamei, in what appears to be his first directing position. Character designs (which look great, judging by the accompanying image) are done by Tasuku Yamashita, who has had some promising work lately, including some work on Welcome to the Space Show (movie). #1

⚫ Ao no Excorcist will be a 2-cour series.

⚫ As expected, Sket Dance will be an early-evening timeslot (6pm). #1

⚫ The newly-released Kara no Kyoukai movie-version BD-Box sold 25,000 copies! While that might not sound like a mind-blowing number, this release retailed for a massive 52,000 yen! link

⚫ Katte ni Kaizou, which I mentioned yesterday has been revealed to be a 3-part OVA series! The first part will come out in April, the second in June, and the third in August. Each release contains two episodes, making it a 6-episode series! It’s great that they’ve set out a release schedule (and a pretty fast one, too!) from the outset. Many times, anime OVA productions use the ‘it’s ready when it’s ready’ approach. Not to mention the unusual format of two episodes per disc (source). link

⚫ The covers for the latest volumes of the Index II and Railgun manga have been revealed! Which one do you prefer? link

⚫ Anime character designs have been unveiled for Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, and they have a strong aura! The designs have attracted a lot of positive comment. personally, I’m still a little bit dubious because it’s a SHAFT anime. #1 #2

⚫ Upcoming anime Maken-ki! will be done by AIC. #1

⚫ Keroro Gunsou is ending after 7 years. Farewell!

⚫ This is how the summer season is looking at the moment. Actually looking pretty good. I have my eye on you too, No.6! I think the new Tokyo regulations will be in effect for that season, so it will be interesting or outrage-inducing to see how that pans out for TV-anime. #1

⚫ This graph shows the number of Madoka Magica related threads created on 2channel. As you can see, there is a massive spike corresponding on TBS’s airing of episode 3. Nothing like a good old-fashioned character death to get people talking! #1





6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 09.02.11

      1. yeah haha. It’s a real shame about the ratings. It’s weird, because Fractale gets a lot of attention on 2channel it seems, or at least on blogs that compile posts from 2ch. I kinda suspect that Horou Musuko is the weaker link.

        1. I’m suspecting half of those posts are due to Yamakan’s name-value and hype, but who knows. It’s too bad, really, since I enjoy both shows almost equally–I just like HM more.

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