Daily Intake 08.02.11

⚫ Akiba Blog posted Wonfes galleries you might not have seen, dealing with the non-commerical figures. Oppai figures (NSFW), Erotic Figures (Very NSFW), top selection (everything from memes to mecha). Dengeki Online also posted a really good gallery of the event, but only for the commerical figures.

⚫ It sure looks like K-ON! will be getting a continuation! So the swarms of K-ON! fans can start to get into crazy hype mode again and I’ll have to seek shelter from the inevitable K-ON explosion (not a fan). An announcement will come with this wednesday’s Manga Times Kirara magazine. #1

⚫ Screencaps from MAG・ネット’s episode on Star Driver here. Looks like an interesting and potentially informative episode! I’ll be watching it soon, and I’ll make note of anything interesting I discover!

⚫ The Durarara light novel series has broken the 320,000 sales barrier! Quite an impressive feat. This novel series has been a great success for Ryougo Narita. To put it in perspective, that’s ~35,000 per volume which compared favourably with other well-known LNs such as Index (~41,000 per volume). source

⚫ Madoka snowboard.. awesome! #1

⚫ New K-ON! figures on the way! link

⚫ Madhouse will become a subsiduray of Nippon TV, issuing 128,667 shares of stock at the price of 7772 yen to sell to the company. As a result, Nippon TV will go from 10% to 84.5% ownership of Madhouse. source [via @krnerdnews

⚫ Battle Angel Alita/Gunnm: LO Manga to Resume in March link

⚫ Anime Announcement: Kyoukaisen-jou no Horizon! The official announcement comes from the new Dengeki Bunko issue, and the studio will be Sunrise! Well, I’m always interested in seeing Sunrise tackle a story that’s a little unusual and different (or at least not just MORE GUNDAM). #1

⚫ The same issue also contains a second anime announcement for a light novel series: Kami-sama no Memo-chou, which is currently on its 6th volume. The superb, Mel Kishida does the artwork for this series, and it has an interesting premise, being about a NEET detective girl. #1 (it’s the middle right one)

⚫ Japanese boy band UVERWORLD have stated their favourite Gundam series in a magazine interview: Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny!? How terrible.. #1

⚫ Pages from a Fractale storyboard (of an unknown episode) have been leaked on the net! #1 #2 They’re from an unknown future episode, but reveal a new character and another (in Enri’s words) ecchi scene for Clain.

⚫ A new Yui (Angel Beats!) figure has made the hall of fame! (Added to the bottom) #1

⚫ The manga version of Kyubee looks way too adorable to be scary.. seriously. #1





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