Daily Intake 07.02.11

⚫ A new Precure series has began (screencaps), right on the back of Heartcatch Precure’s big finale! The title of the latest entry in the popular and enduring magical girl franchise is Suite Precure, and is directed by Munehisa Saka, with character designs by Akira Takahashi. Yoshihiko Umakoshi will be missed as the character designer (although I’m sure he’ll return for some key animation). On the plus side, this still has the same art director, Ryuutarou Masuda. The ratings for this first episode came in at 6% which is pretty decent for the first episode. For reference, the average rating of Heartcatch was 6.5% (first episode – 6.6%), while Futari wa Precure Max Heart had the highest average rating of this franchise, at 7.9% (and the first episode got 8%).

⚫ The cover for Haimura Kiyotaka’s (Index novel illustrator, recently voted the top LN illustrator) much-anticipated artbook has been revealed! #1 I feel very compelled to buy this book – it’s going to have some amazing bishoujo drawings!

⚫ Character designs for the new Last Exile anime here. “New Type March has Last Exile character designs on it. Yes, it’s Murata. Same director as well (Chigira). Story will involve new heroine Fam” – via @Muhootsaver_7

⚫ Mizuki Nana won Billboard Japan Music Award 2010 link. Congrats to Mizuki Nana, certainly one of the most successful singers Japan has produced, and one of my favourites too of course.

⚫ When censorship makes things worse.. Star Driver version! link

⚫ Wonfes exclusive Mato (BRS) figma is caught in an erotic pose! link




Hanasaku Iroha PV5


Steins;Gate Preview Clip

The high quality is pretty evident. This definitely won’t be a repeat of Chaos;Head!

BRS Game PV2

This looks way cooler than anyone predicted initially. I like White Rock Shooter too!

9 thoughts on “Daily Intake 07.02.11

  1. the only heroine i’m really looking forward to is Aria from Hidan no Aria. I’m interested to see how it transitions from LN to Anime. I figure they’ll make her the stereotypical tsundere, which to be honest she kinda is in the LNs, which isn’t all that bad, ha.

    1. Haha as long as it’s not tsundere overload on a particular season, a good old-fashioned tsundere is always welcome! I think Hanasaku Iroha is going to have a high moe quotient!

  2. Of course the female lead in Nakamura’s C. It’s interesting how he does the dynamics between her and the MC. And there’s the delicious character design…Oh yes.

  3. poor Pikachu a truck run over it.

    I don’ t know what surprises me more the weird clothes of C female or the difference between the “normal” ons of the male character .

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