Daily Intake 06.02.11

⚫ Looks like there have been a number of changes to the Madoka Magica OP animation. The changes are mostly quite subtle (some of them almost undetectable) but do make for higher-quality visuals. Check them out here (I like the way this website visualised the differences too).

⚫ So, this year’s Wonder Festival (Wonfes) went down, and bought with it a torrent of much-anticipated figure previews! I’m really loving the outlook for this year judging by this selection. A good gallery of today’s commercial figures can be found here. What are your favourites? I’ve posted some ones that caught my eye in the pictures section below.

⚫ View the character designs for three new characters for the second season of Seikon no Qwaser here.

⚫ There was a niconico stream of Wonfes throughout the day which I unfortunately missed! I heard it was really fun, and the Fractale event/panel was really good (Kana Hanazawa was present to seriously bolster its popularity). There will be a live show running tonight, Wonder Hobby TV 9, streamed here (you need a nico account). The program for the show was posted on the English GSC site. I wish I could stay up and watch it, but work demands otherwise!

⚫ I caught up with much of the current anime today! Yumekui Merry was more engaging than usual from a story/character perspective, and just as interesting visually. Animator, Hironori Tanaka had a big part in the episode, handling much of the fight sequence, to pretty good effect. His drawings seemed much rougher than usual, not just with the linework but also the form.

Fractale #5 was also pretty compelling, even if it didn’t have the same charm as the last two episodes. The animation was pretty classy at times, particularly during the clash between the temple and the Lost Millenium at the start. Famous web-kei animator Ryo-chimo contributed key animation this week.

Index 17 was great fun! Taking a page out of Railgun’s book it went full-filler and explored Misaka’s deepening crush on Touma, inter-Imouto squabbling, and Accelerator’s new lifestyle. There were lots of really cute moments and a general air of fun. This arc seems like it’ll be a good one.





8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 06.02.11

    1. Through the ceiling, obviously! But that just leads to more questions…

      Interesting they went with the old Nessa design (purple hair) for the figure instead of the anime one (red hair). Almost didn’t recognize her.

      1. lol yeah like how did she get OUT, let alone in!?

        The Nessa nendoroid petit also uses the original hair colour. Maybe GSC was already doing the figures when they changed the hair colour for the anime.. seems doubtful I guess.

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