Daily Intake 05.02.11

⚫ A summary of the store gifts that purchases will get for buying BD volumes 1-3 of Infinite Stratos here. Most of them are tapestries with original illustrations but the last two are telephone cards. By the way, IS has also reached 4th in the Amazon preorder rankings. I’m happy for the new studio, 8-bit and the people involved, but it seems to me that it’s not really deserving of such success.

⚫ A novel serialisation of Anohana has been announced! source

⚫ A new website is up for the anime DVD version of SM-themed Nana to Kaoru (which comes out in a few days)! Some preview images of the OVA are here. Man, it looks so ero! I can’t wait! Then I also stumbled across a page for the live-action version (coming on the 12th of March) here. The girl playing Nana looks pretty hot, so this could be even sexier!

⚫ Some more information has been reported about Anime Contents Expo (ACE), which the anime industry recently envisioned as an alternative to the Tokyo Anime Fair to protest Ishihara’s new regulations bill. It’ll be held on the 26h and 27th of March, with an entrance fee of 1500 yen and tickets being sold after Feb 18. There’s also an extensive list of companies involved. source

⚫ The results of an online poll for dengeki readers to decide the favourite OreImo character were released, and Kirino came out on top! I half-expected Kuroneko to surpass her in popularity! source

⚫ Yesterday I mentioned that ‘Sengoku Shoujou…’ is getting an anime, but the correct title is Sengoku Otome. Sorry about that.

⚫ There wasn’t really a lot to report today, which is fine by me. I spent most of today on Birthday celebrations yet again (they’re over now!). Tomorrow I will have the chance to catch up on anime and contribute to the sakuga thread again.




New Index OP

I’m a fan of this new OP! The song is nice, and doesn’t feel like a repeat of PSI-Missing for once. The animation is good, and I particularly like the part where it scrolls through Touma in various reactions with other characters – that’s quite cleverly done.


Trailers for the Young Animator Training Project!

The first four anime created under this excellent initiative are (copy-pasted from ANN to save time): Mitsuru Hongo’s “Kizuna Ichigeki” (Ascension), Teiichi Takiguchi’s “O-jii-san no Lamp” (Telecom Animation Film), Masayuki Yoshihara’s “Bannō Yasai Ninninman” (P.A. Works), and Kazuchika Kise’s “Tansuwarashi” (Production I.G). I’m really looking forward to see what these new animators can do. You can already see plenty of individuality and talent in these short clips! The first two look especially interesting.

6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 05.02.11

  1. It will be interesting to see how these young animators work under the veteran animators/directors in charge of their anime. But man, I’m pumped for Yuichiro Sueyoshi’s work on Kizuna Ichigeki…the guy’s character designs are great to watch.

  2. Is this the training project where there was all that squabbling (among senior directors and animation directors) over money, or is this something else? It was disappointing to see such an opportunity degenerate into that kind of situation.

    1. I thought I saw Sunrise being thrown around in that story, so I guess this one isn’t it. Still, you’d hate to see something like that happen, since this could only be a good thing for the industry as a whole.

    2. Which story is this? I must have missed something.

      It wouldn’t likely be this project, as it was funded from the outset as being an animator training program rather than a commercial success.

      1. There was a story about how Janica got itself split into two factions because of some disagreements over the budget allocation, or something like that. I only remember Toshiyuki Inoue being involved in it, but I’m sure there were more.

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