Daily Update 02.02.11

⚫ There’s some debate over whether Yamakan’s new twitter account is an imposter or the man himself. He previously closed his twitter account, and, as I’ve discussed in previous posts, just recently closed his blog after getting frustrated with some comments regarding his retirement pledge. This makes it seem strange that he would open a new account. However, I had heard that other people in the industry were following him, but I guess that’s no proof either way. Time will tell, one way or anything.

⚫ A few snippets about the upcoming anime Steins;Gate (source)

Up to episode 3 is already completed; the OP is titled ‘Hacking to the gate’; they’re going to do a collaboration with Amazon I just read that the collaboration has been indefinitely postponed :(; Shikurai Chiyomaru of 5pb described the production quality as being on the level of a movie anime, and said that it isn’t a 1-cour anime.

⚫ While this year’s Tokyo Anime Fair (TAF) is being heavily boycotted by anime producers and publishers, it seems TBS (a TV station) has decided to make a showing, showcasing Keion, Amagami SS and Yumekui Merry at the fair. Any company that shows support for TAF after Governor Ishihara’s absurd new regulations bill loses respect from me and many other fans. Just keep it in mind. source

⚫ OreImo vol. 2 BD sold ~17K copies, which brings the total, including DVD sales, to 22K! Strong sales for the first week on the second volume bode well for the series. At the moment it has sold about 1000 less BD copies than the first volume had after the first week, and the same goes for DVD. source

Yukari Tamura will appear in a ‘special effects’ TV-drama starting broadcast on the 13th of this month, Pirate Squadron Goukaijyaa.

⚫ This March, Moshidora’s author will be releasing a short-story with illustrations by Sayonara Zetsubou-senei’s illustrator.

⚫ Infinite Stratos’s original work, the light novels, have reached over 120K sales for all 6 volumes (so an average of 20K for each volume)! This bodes well for BD sales. As a comparison Zero no Tsukaima sold about the same per volume, Index sells 42K, and Haruhi sold a huge 72K per volume during its run. The DVD vol.1 for IS has hit 10th in the Amazon preorder rankings (and the Madoka DVD is 12th). As for Blu-rays, it has reached the 10th spot before, compared with Madoka reaching the 5th spot. (source)

⚫ Seitokai no Ichizon will get a shocking announcement this month! An OVA perhaps? I sure hope so! I loved that anime!

⚫ The official website for upcoming anime ‘Install’ is open here. The anime is being done by anipicture and Asahi Production. The website has a short PV. It looks interesting! Character Design/Chief Animation direction is being handled by Ryoichi Murata and Mika Sawada (another duo, just like the Idol Master anime). These two don’t seem highly experience, so this anime could be interesting to see some new talent.