Daily Intake 01.02.11

⚫ The weekly DVD sales charts revealed something interesting:

Index II: 4,749
Star Driver: 5,071

Is this a glorious victory for Star Driver or a painful death for Index II? Given that this is only DVD sales (doesn’t include BD sales), these figures are far from the definitive measure of commercial success. I mean, OreImo sold 4,828, but far more BDs were sold. It’s good that Star Driver appears to be a success for BONES. As it was an original anime in an expensive late-afternoon timeslot, it was a bit of a risky venture. But I suspect it won’t sell as many BD as Index. (source)

⚫ Apparently there’s a mysterious girl who sits behind Madoka in episode 1..in some cuts! Watch the video here. http://yaraon.blog109.fc2.com/blog-entry-623.html

⚫ Takeda Yasuhiro said via twitter that there’s potential for a sequel for Houkago no Pleiades! source

⚫ According to (Japanese) search results, Charlotte is the fourth-most talked about character from Madoka Magica! Mami is first, followed by Madoka, then Kyubee. below Charlotte is Homura, then Sayaka! Charlotte is overwhelmingly popular~?

⚫ Apparently some Madoka viewer believes that Madoka Magica uses a Doraemon movie (Doraemon: Nobita no Makai Daibouken) as its source material. He was determined enough to do an extensive comparison picture. However, it seems like a load of rubbish to me (and a lot of other people). The only tangible similarity I can see there is Sayaka’s staff becoming ornate. #1

⚫ Another Madoka viewer ranted about the inadequate drawings on Madoka (which I partly agree with). However he went as far as to complain about the inaccurate shadows of the broken glass in this screencap. Seriously.. who cares?

⚫ 2channel discussed the fact that original anime are interesting and that people would like to see more of them, which I think is great! 2011 will prove to be a memorable year for original anime. We’ve got these on the horizon (for TV anime):

Hanasaku Iroha
Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai (aka ANOHANA)

⚫ Yuuki Aoi drew Kyuube’s personification! You can view it here. Yet another example of her excellent drawing skills (she also drew Madoka’s magical girl designs herself).

⚫ OreImo’s alternative route will start being released on the 22nd of Feb. #1

⚫ Kodomo no Jikan BD box is being planned for retail at 25,000 yen. However it seems they’re looking for 2000 preorder numbers before the 4th of April before they will commence production. I hope they do. Maybe I should preorder it..

⚫ Tokyo MX strongly refuted the claims of an article in the recent Weekly Gendai magazine (published by Kodansha) via twitter today. They stated that the article was false and that they continue to support anime and resist self-regulation. This is encouraging news, although I’m not about to trust the announcement completely. Weekly Gendai magazine has a lot to answer for if it was completely false. In a separate message, Tokyo MX also denied that there were any changes to its hiring policy as the article implied.

⚫ Yamakan has joined twitter again! http://twitter.com/#!/yamacane_0901





Mai no Mahou to Katei no hi PV

Moshidora PV

6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 01.02.11

  1. bloody madoka video, sent chills down my spine……

    well considering that there’s a animation error in ep3, i will just treat it as another mistake from the studio.
    However…..if that’s actually intentional……eek

    1. another one advantage of original work is that there will not be a “omg what the fk is the studio doing, shitty adaptation, the original is so much better” faction

  2. Yeah, there are some interesting original anime for this year but after Anime no chikara titles I think I shouldn’t give a full opinion before watching it.

    1. Ani no Chikara was certainly a disappointment. A-1 Pictures did fairly well as the animation studio on those projects, but the creative staff and producers behind them were, to my mind, poorly chosen. Night Raid should have never been approved to begin with..

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