Gen’ichirou Abe MAD

Gen’ichirou Abe is a prominent animator in today’s TV-anime industry. Just recently, he contributed some good work for Madoka Magica, which you can see in this MAD. He is a member of SHAFT, who rely on his skills for their most important animation sequences. He came to the fore working on the TV-anime Negima!? after he did the really interesting sequence of Negi making provisional contracts with all the girls as they’re falling through the sky (also in this MAD). Since then his abilities have been put to great use, and this MAD showcases some of his great technical and artistic achievements. My favourite sequence is the Naruto part, followed by the Soredemo bit. He can employ a range of styles, but is detectable for his rough, detailed linework (on effects and characters) and the lines of contortions he draws on moving bodies (wrinkles in clothes). He also has a distinctive way of drawing hair.

Sadly, his bit in the Negima!? Summer OVA (the skydiving OP) isn’t included, and neither are his parts from Bakemonogatari. There are many missing examples of his animation, which actually makes this a pretty bad MAD (it’s also under-edited). But Gen’ichirou Abe is good!