Daily Intake 25.01.11

⚫ The new Keion character song singles have been a big success on the weekly oricon charts! Ui placed 5th, (13,000 copies), Jun 8th (12,000) and Nodoka 9th (12,000)!

⚫ Seiyuu unit LISP (featuring Asumi Kana, Hara Sayuri & Kataoka Azusa) will be starring in and singing the theme song for an upcoming TV anime aimed at elementary kids, “Pretty Rythmn Aurora Dream” (プリティーリズム オーロラドリーム). The anime is apparently about three girls who want to become idols, who are played by LISP. The original character designs have also been revealed. #1 (played by Kana Asumi), #2 (played by Azusa Kataoka), #3 (played by Sayuri Hara).

⚫ It looks like Yamakan has closed his blog after a tussle with commentors about his retirement that started yesterday (see yesterday’s post)… this is kind of sad. To someone just reading this news it might sound like Yamakan being stupid, but given the number of negative comments he gets on 2channel, I’m not surprised it got to him (even if he did kind of get into this mess himself). It’s a shame to see a driven director be beaten down by so-called anime fans. source.

⚫ A newspaper interviewed the Yumekui Merry author. Both him and his house look very plain, don’t they? #1

⚫ An Akihabara sushi store used Ika Musume illustrations on their menu source+pics

⚫ I watched Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka 3, and really enjoyed it after being slightly disappointed by the second episode. The storyboard (by Yasunori Ide, director of Please Teacher, Please Twins, and others) was very effective at delivering many funny moments, and the timing was spot on. I laughed quite a bit. There was also some great fanservice, which I’m sure Yasunori wasn’t opposed to!

⚫ Star Driver 16 was indeed a great episode! For possibly the first time, my attention didn’t waver for even a second. The animation was pretty superb, with contributions from Hironori Tanaka and Hiroshi Tomioka. On the downside, I think the show lost a big part of its appeal to me from here on. I won’t be specific but… BAWWWW.

Ken Akamatsu‘s website for online distribution of out-of-print manga, Jcomi, which is currently in beta, finally found a success with the distribution of “After School Wedding”! It obtained a revenue of 525000 yen! source. Maybe this model has hope after all. Personally, I think it’s a great idea which will work much better if the advertisements are better targeted.



7 thoughts on “Daily Intake 25.01.11

  1. Somehow I don’t feel too sorry about what’s happening with Yamakan. There just comes a time when you have to put your money where your mouth is and just let your work do the talking for you.

    Not to mention his screen-writer made a complete ass of himself on Twitter (assuming that said tweet is legit).

      1. I’m really not too sure about the tweet’s authenticity, but as I remember it was complaining about the quality of Fractale and Hourou Musuko. Apparently he didn’t think his own show could match the quality of HM, blaming noitaminA’s producer Koji Yamamoto for it–calling him “you bullshit producer!” at that.

        Again I’m not too sure if it’s legit, or if it’s a joke or not. Still doesn’t make it any less of an asshole-ish move, though.

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