Daily Intake 24.01.11

⚫ A couple of vehicles that have been done up with huge anime advertisements have been spotted around Akihabara over the last couple of days. There’s a bus with Index II on one side and OreImo on the other (just the latest in a long line of promotional collaboration stunts between these two anime). It seems the bus advertisement is an expensive undertaking. There’s also a truck sporting Bakuman imagery, and advertisements for the new Dream Club game, and The World Only God Knows season 2. Earlbox took a bunch of photos of them here.

Yamakan made a provoking response to a comment on his blog which referred to his retirement pledge for Fractale. source The commenter basically said that Yamakan should draw a more definitive pass-or-fail test next time he promises to retire, and should retire without a weak excuse if Fractale fails. Yamakan responded with “If you want me to retire that much, then I’ll do so right now. I’m not lying, I’m making the arrangements now” … interesting. I hope he isn’t serious! I also think he is preparing to go back on his retirement promise if Fractale fails.

⚫ The cover for the next Megami magazine has been revealed and it features the upcoming new Idol Master anime. Idol master is an extremely popular game series, the only anime adaptation for which there’s been was Idol Master Xenoglassia by Sunrise, which most people would like to forget ever happened. So this new adaptation is very anticipated. This is the first reveal of what are assumed to be the anime character designs, and the general consensus is that they’re really cute. The image has aura! It’s also confirmed as a TV anime. #1

⚫ Three sample pages from the spinoff manga of Madoka Magica have been put up, and can be viewed here.

⚫ This BK201 (Darker than Black) poseable figure will be sold as a limited edition Wonderfest 2011 exclusive. Looks pretty sweet. link.

Star Driver volume 1 has risen to the 8th rank on Amazon (for preorders) soon after breaking into one-digits at 9th. Last night it was 14th. It seems episode 16 made a strong impression. It’s nice to see Madoka Magica is ranked 5th too~ #1

⚫ Anyone interested in animation and anime staff should follow the discussion on 4chan’s text sakuga thread here.

⚫ Funimation’s stream of Fractale has been officially resumed! source





Houkago no Pleiades PV2

This is the GAINAX/Subaru collaboration anime that’s been hotly anticipated since its announcement a few months back. The second PV reveals some stunning animation which really makes the character designs look even more flattering. I can’t see this anime being a disappointment, it already looks incredibly cute and well-produced (it’s GAINAX after all).

Sources: Earl.Box