Daily Intake 23.01.11

⚫ The release of Index II volume 1 contained a Ika Musume parody in the Index-tan omake segment, and the staff and production committee for Ika Musume were apparently surprised to hear of it. It seems that it was a parody done without consent. source

Anime Announcement: Gokichya!! – based on a manga featuring the moe personifications of cockroaches. Yeah, you read that right, cockroaches! I agree with things being given a moe makeover, but cockroaches is pushing it a little even for me! Twitter reactions from Japanese otaku bordered between disgust and interest! Images: #1 #2, and the manga #1. ANN link.

⚫ The top 10 best-selling DVDs of December last year! #1 It’s pretty clear that moe and ero anime dominate sales. You’ve got Keion on top, followed by OreImo, then AB, Strike Witches 2, BRS, Motto to Love Ru, Ika Musume, Samurai Girls, HotD, Amagami SS. This list was part of a TV-program, and they showed this screencap for Strike Witches DVD. Doesn’t it make you wonder why it’s okay to show it now, but not for the airing of the anime itself?

⚫ More images out for the upcoming BONES work, Towa no Quon. #1 #2. It’s now confirmed to be a series of 6 movies, with the first screening June 18.

⚫ Junichi Satou’s popular OVA anime, Tamayura will be getting a TV-anime adaptation! source

Baka Test season 2 will start airing this summer. source


6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 23.01.11

  1. Fuck yes, ARIA with cameras.

    The character design for Towa no Quon looks like it was lifted straight off Toward the Terra’s book…this will sell with the female market, for sure. For now I’m in it for Yutaka Nakamura.

    1. I never saw Toward the Terra but that male design does look fangirl-oriented! But it’s significant for being the posthumous work of Umanosuke Iida. Could be interesting.

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