Madoka Magica Notes + Gallery

This episode didn’t really sell me on the show, but it hasn’t really deterred me either. I remain on the fence when it comes to the art and animation approaches, and am still waiting for the story to genuinely hook me in.

⚫ So the death this episode was the big shock twist that I heard everyone talking about throughout the day. I wasn’t spoiled on anything specific (not even that anyone died) but I had a general expectation that something dramatic was going to go down this week. That might go towards explaining why I saw Mami’s death coming well before her final moments. As a result, her death scene didn’t have much of an impact on me.

⚫ I’m also not very saddened by Mami’s death because I think it’s fairly obvious she’ll come back. Madoka has a wish she doesn’t know how to spend and the whole episode was essentially devoted to setting these two up as an inseparable witch-fighting duo. Then again, this is Gen Urobochi we’re talking about (the writer), so he may well surprise me (please, please do!)

⚫ That brings me to my next point, Gen Urobochi seems to be in a difficult place as a storyteller. Because he’s become known for gruesome and shocking plots, people expect him to write like that. But when he does write like that, it falls into the trap of being predictable. I kind of hope he can steer this anime in a different direction to what people are hoping for (demanding, even).

⚫ The ED has finally appeared! It’s a nice moody sequence, and a solo animation work by Hirofumi Suzuki.

⚫ My hat goes off to Ashino Yoshiharu‘s storyboards. I have great respect for this man for being the director of the wonderful Mahou Shoujotai Alice, and he’s storyboarded all 3 episodes so far. As awash as his episodes are with SHAFT influences from the directors, they still have an engaging and interesting feel to them.

⚫ There wasn’t much in the way of notable animation this week, but I did enjoy the action scene because the witch was done with traditional animation and wasn’t nearly as retarded as the previous ones have been!



MOE: ⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪
ERO: ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
GAR: ⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪
LOL: ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪


10 thoughts on “Madoka Magica Notes + Gallery

  1. Speaking of Tweeny Witches (Mahou Shojotai Alice), Yasuhiro Aoki also directed some episodes of that show, and he imparted his trademark flair, which helped give the series its own personalized twist.

    1. I’ll be perfectly honest, I thought that, outside of the visual design, Tweeny Witches was absolutely mediocre other Yasuhiro Aoki directed episodes, which were amazing. Maybe the contrast made the non-Aoki episodes feel even worse, but there was just no comparison between the Aoki episodes and the rest of the show.

      1. Maybe Aoki is just that good? I thought Shojiro Nishimi and Shinji Kimura were also in that show, but Aoki just takes the cake.

        He deserves his own project–be it a series or a movie.

      2. Well I really loved Tweeny Witches in every way. I thought the story, concept, characters, as well as the design and art direction were very captivating. Yasuhiro Aoki were stand-out but I still loved Tweeny Witches at its worst.

        1. I consider that show to be a definitively refreshing change of pace to the mahou shojo formula, even more than what Madoka is said to be trying to do.

          That art design/direction were what made me think of Kimura’s involvement, but it may have been Aoki’s hand…the overall look reminds me of his work.

        2. The concept was good, but the execution… well, the dialogue and plot development was redundant and more than just a little bit nonsensical. The whole deal with the world being about to be destroyed was never more than just a cheapish plot device of sorts that is never properly explained or developed, even if it gets repeated over and over again every single episode in the second half. There was never a real sense of purpose to Arisu and her squad’s actions, even if they show tried to make it look like if they were actually acting with a purpose: they never actively try to figure out what Light Magic is, they just talk about it and complain about their lack of ability to actually figure it out. And it’s really redundant because this goes on and on thorough pretty much the entire second half, without the narrative actually progressing or trying to do anything interesting with its premise. Besides, I felt the non-Aoki episodes were kind of awkward in their pacing and direction, Aoki used the limited run time to his advantage whereas everyone else kind of worked against it.

          1. >>Aoki used the limited run time to his advantage whereas everyone else kind of worked against it.

            That’s a nice way to word it.

            Still, even if what you say is correct, I still found the show to be brimming with charm and creativity and I never really stopped enjoying myself long enough to pick holes in it.

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