2010 December Sakuga MAD Notes

Youtube user, Animeblue has been doing great work for the the last year composing highlight animation sequences from anime for each month! I’m genuinely impressed by his comprehensiveness – I don’t think I’ve noticed anything notable he’s missed or disagree with his choices. So, here’s the latest entry, for the month of December! I can’t d embed it (thanks to Sony’s anal copyright attitude), but you can view the original on twitvid here. Here are some quick thoughts on the video”

December marked the end of a season, and so bought with it a few climactic moments!

⚫ The first clip is from Milky Holmes episode 12, and I can almost guarantee that it was the key animation work of Seiya Numata. He is of course credited with key animation that episode, and his style is very obvious. I’ve been a fan of Seiya Numata for a while now, especially for the episodes he was animation director on of Kannagi (episode 2) and Toradora (episode 16). He’s a pretty famous young animator, and he lives by the code of his inspiration, Yoshinori Kanada (who I write about here), with varied and individual animation styles. I like this clip, and the big trail of fiery smoke is a clear throwback to Yoshinori Kanda’s animation on Genma Taisen (the famous fire-dragon sequence). As was noted in the NHK documentary on Yoshinori Kanada, which actually profiled Seiya Numata, he’s already slipped in a reference to that sequence, with a segment on 2×2=Shinobuden (see this blog for details). The other Milky Holmes clips also look like his work, except:

⚫ The clip at 3.28 looks like it is the work of Tatsuya Yoshihara, who I’ve discussed on this blog before (he was animation director on episode 6!). I’m not sure if this is from episode 12 though (any Milky Holmes watchers here?)

⚫ At the 1.40 mark we have a clip from Sora no Otoshimono episode 11, which I talked about in an earlier blog post. At least the first half of the clip included in this MAD is from the prolific and talented Hironori Tanaka. As usual, his high-framerate and distinctive way of drawing hair give him away! It’s not his best work, but it gave Sora no Otoshimono at least a little impact to its action scene!

⚫ I’m surprised to see some of the best stuff from December was from Soredemo by studio SHAFT. I haven’t been following that anime, so unfortunately I’m a bit out of the loop. I’ve also fallen behind on Star Driver, which continues to provide excellent animation for its mecha battle sequences.