A Week in Otaku News 3 – Year of the Bunny Girl!

A visual guide to the week in anime/otaku news and distractions! Hopefully this new post format is useful and fun for people. Please comment to share your thoughts, observations, additions, corrections, et cetera! Let’s get a discussion going! I really want to know what people think of this post format, so I’m encouraged to continue doing them every week.

Thank you for the comments last time! Please comment again to keep me motivated, and share the link if you like the post (please!).

When the next of these posts is completed, it will be 2011! Looking forward to what a whole new year will bring!



Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka Live-Action CM


New Yumekui Merry CM




AKB48 Live



⚫ Seitokai Yakuindomo is getting an OVA

⚫ Looks like GOSICK will be 2-cour, as a media release to the press contained episode info for 24 eps.

⚫ nico douga announced 5 anime titles from this season to be shown: Kore Zombie, Mitsudomoe, Rio RainbowGate, Cardfight vanguard, Ochinko

⚫ Preview Yumekui OP/ED by Iosys here

⚫ Amazon.com’s best selling toys of 2010 dominated by BRS and Keion (link).

2 thoughts on “A Week in Otaku News 3 – Year of the Bunny Girl!

  1. Looks like another bumper crop of good anime/manga sexiness for the beginning of 2011. Always good to see the new year get off to a good start ^_^. Despite the negative press, I still have high hopes for Yukimeki Merry, though, they are heavily tempered by the dismal showing of Nayruani being a crap 4min badly animated flash show =_=. Whoever green-lighted that decision should be drug out to the street and shot, ha.

    Keep’em coming Washi, this is a great format to quickly catch up on the latest and greatest news!

    1. Cheers :)

      Glad I got a comment haha

      I actually find Nyaruani to be pretty enjoyable despite its format. It certainly wouldn’t make my to animation shows of the year though haha. But I agree about Yumekui Merry.. not sure if the schedule will hold out but what I’ve seen so far from the PVs and CMs looks very good indeed.

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