A Week in Otaku News 3 – Deemed Harmful

A visual guide to the week in anime/otaku news and distractions! Hopefully this new post format is useful and fun for people. Please comment to share your thoughts, observations, additions, corrections, et cetera! Let’s get a discussion going! I really want to know what people think of this post format, so I’m encouraged to continue doing them every week.

Note: I’m going to do a separate article for highlights in current anime and manga!

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Oniichan no koto zenzen suki janai dakara nePV


Horou Musuko PV 3


Madoka Magica CM



Seiyuu, Takeshi Watabe died of lung cancer. He was a cool old dude who gave us a lot of those minor roles we take for granted. Who’s going to play security guard B now? ;_;