A Week in Otaku News 3 – Deemed Harmful

A visual guide to the week in anime/otaku news and distractions! Hopefully this new post format is useful and fun for people. Please comment to share your thoughts, observations, additions, corrections, et cetera! Let’s get a discussion going! I really want to know what people think of this post format, so I’m encouraged to continue doing them every week.

Note: I’m going to do a separate article for highlights in current anime and manga!

Thank you for the comments last time! Please comment again to keep me motivated, and share the link if you like the post (please!).



Oniichan no koto zenzen suki janai dakara nePV


Horou Musuko PV 3


Madoka Magica CM



Seiyuu, Takeshi Watabe died of lung cancer. He was a cool old dude who gave us a lot of those minor roles we take for granted. Who’s going to play security guard B now? ;_;

15 thoughts on “A Week in Otaku News 3 – Deemed Harmful

  1. *fanboy yell!* More KamiNomi~! Haqua <3 …and more Kamper? cool~!
    Those Poplars are very tempting…*stares* might buy some for myself x3
    lawl, more Qwaser… I'm not very shocked it got a second season,it sold pretty well.But meh…not my type of show,TOO many boobies…
    *saves Ika picture* =w=b
    As for male lead of the year…I'd probably go with Keima.

    1. Yeah lots of anime getting more seasons! I bet there’ll be more Working!! announced soon too! Speaking of that, you definitely should get those Poplars!

      Yeah.. Qwaser.. it’s like having nudity all the time takes the fun out of it somehow haha! But in short doses it’s an alright ero anime.

      Who’s Keima again?

  2. Good job on another of these posts! I’m still enjoying them :p

    Oreimo: ..they’re frowning, what would they say in such a commentary?

    Male protagonist: I agree, that list isn’t great, I’d have to go with the guy from index – but there have been lots of cooler protagonists this season, like JP from Redline, and emiya shirou from FSN UBW, and even the guy from bakemonogatari!

    C looks interesting from that poster…

    lol at tower of shimapan :p

    is Ookami-san really a bad seller? I haven’t seen it yet, is it worth watching?

    nanoha phone covers: would be a bit awkward to have these…

    1. Good to know you’re still keen on them!

      I’m guessing it’ll be an amusing in-character commentary. Their expressions change and other characters show up too (Akiba Blog posted several caps).

      As for male protagonists.. I think Shiki definitely has the kind of male leads I like: manly! It hasn’t been a good year for badass characters..

      Yeah Ookami-san didn’t sell well. I mean, it wasn’t a complete bomb, but it didn’t sell as well as expected, and probably wasn’t a commercial success.

  3. Great post again this week.

    My vote for male protagonist of the year: Moritaka Mashiro, just because of his determination and his way of romance xD
    Nice new season for the World God only knows, can’t wait.
    Hmm “C” looks interesting I liked his other Anime because they were so strange ^^
    And lastly can we have some translations for that manga strip about bill156 would like to know what they are saying. Looking forward to your next installment.

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      Apparently C has themes of money and future and has the same core staff as his last two series, so you should enjoy it too!

      Unfortunately the only image I have of that manga strip.. a lot of the font is too small to make out, including most of the furigana which would be helpful. Sorry!

  4. Top male lead? This isn’t even a question. Freaken Keima of course!
    Speaking of Keima… While its nice to see that its getting a second season, I still can’t bring myself to watch the anime of TWOGK. I guess I’ll just stick to the manga. Though animated Hakua and Tenri will give me some great sig material :3
    Sad for Ookami-san, its the series that got me through the summer :(
    Stein’s Gate is really tugging my interest. I wonder how it will turn out.
    K-On boosts tea sales! Listen Ishihara, the economy needs anime!
    I love how the OreImo cover is the game Kirino had in the fisrt episode when Kyousuke found th box~

    1. >>Sad for Ookami-san, its the series that got me through the summer :(

      *high-five!* ナカ━━(´・ω・`) 人(´・ω・`)━━マ!!

      >>Stein’s Gate is really tugging my interest. I wonder how it will turn out.

      It’s gotta be better than Chaos;Head at least!

      Thanks for the comment, again!

  5. Ozaki sure is a good choice. Others like Ryugamine during ep11, Akuto Sai from IUD during the final battle are also notable mentions.

    More Yuki-Onna is good, but since it’s still failDEEN I’m not anticipating anything.

    and lastly, Ika-chan <3

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