A Week in Otaku News 2 – Prepare for Third Impact

A visual guide to the week in anime/otaku news and distractions! Hopefully this new post format is useful and fun for people. Please comment to share your thoughts, observations, additions, corrections, et cetera! Let’s get a discussion going! I really want to know what people think of this post format, so I’m encouraged to continue doing them every week.

Note: I’m going to do a separate article for highlights in current anime and manga!

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Governor Ishihara Responds to TAF drop-outs

He basically says “they can do whatever they like”, dismissively. This creepy old, religious fool is the enemy of all anime and manga fans, whether they know it or not!

Hanasaku Iroha PV4

キタぁああああああああああああああああああ!! This is the PV I’ve been waiting for, after all the glances of this stunning anime we’ve got. Now we finally get to see P.A’s new work in all its glory! This thing has enough aura to destroy a small planet.

Fractale CM

This is a Fractale CM that aired a few days ago and has since been put up on the official website along with another, 15second CM. It’s still only a glimpse at what remains a largely unknown anime, and the fact that they’re not showing off much animation at this stage does have me a little worried about the schedule..

Panty & Stocking OST preview

Short clips of the tracks on the Panty & Stocking OST. I have to say, I’m really pumped for this release! It’s the first anime OST I’ve genuinely been interested in for some time and seems like a pretty solid piece of work.