A Week in Otaku News 1 – 100% tsun

A visual guide to the week in anime/otaku news and distractions! Hopefully this new post format is useful and fun for people. It was a pretty interesting week in the otaku-verse, with lots of anime adaptation announcements (including more movies announcements), and of course, a good supply of high-quality ero pictures from the monthly magazines, Megami and Nyantype.

Please comment to share your thoughts, observations, additions, corrections, et cetera! Let’s get a discussion going! I really want to know what people think of this post format, so I’m encouraged to continue doing them every week.




Honestly, I found this PV lacking punch. I can’t really comment on the story, not having read the novel, but the art in the anime feels a bit bland.


Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka PV

I’m also fairly neutral towards this trailer, but it’s good to see that the ecchi beats from the manga remain intact, and the animation is of good quality.

9 thoughts on “A Week in Otaku News 1 – 100% tsun

  1. Oh~ MM! specials look great! makes up for the severe lack of ecchi in the anime~
    I think Hayate no Gotoku could work as movie, but I think it just dpends on what arc they decide to animate. And I can’t belive they changed studios…AGAIN.
    To-Love-Ru has always been erotic, but this new manga has been bordering H, not that I mind >:3
    Elsea from The World God Only knows has my vote for best imouto, she’s just too cute x3
    Yeah! I like this post format. It makes it a lot more fun to catch up on news.

    1. Heh, yeah I love it when the DVD specials are clearly making up for ero deficiencies in an anime (like Mai HiME, Mai Otome, and so many others!)

      HnG changing studios… could be a bad move, but I guess some staff could remain the same. I like that the Nanoha movie was done by the TV staff.

      Elsea is cute, yeah. Kanae Itou <3

      Really glad you like the format!

  2. nice fromat! I like it :-p

    huke’s art looks fresh and interesting.

    Is Steins;Gate a visual novel..?

    none of the imouto charas are really standout for me,(I actually have a sister..) although I don’t know about half the ones there, so I’ll have to go with yui.

    Re: ika musume, Somehow I also don’t find her appealing in that way..

    animation in Fafner is looking good. I haven’t seen the original, maybe I’ll check it out when its out.

    re: Junichi Satou’s OVA – nice photo. that is cool. wonder if they drew it from a photo..

    art for Ikoku Meiro no Croisée looks cool in this pic, but from video, it doesn’t keep the style so much imo…

    Ika~ lol

    ok, finished with my random 2cent thoughts!

    1. >>Is Steins;Gate a visual novel..?

      Yup, by Nitroplus, who did Chaos;Head (which got a pretty bad anime adaptation, so better luck for this one!). I see I called it an eroge which isn’t right (it’s the way I see Chaos;Head lol).

      >>I actually have a sister..

      Damn, I guess you’re locked out of a whole arena of moe!

      >>Re: ika musume, Somehow I also don’t find her appealing in that way..

      Some characters are like that for me. If I actually watched the anime and got to know the character it would probably be the same.

      >>art for Ikoku Meiro no Croisée looks cool in this pic, but from video, it doesn’t keep the style so much imo…

      in video? Are you confusing it with GOSICK or is there already a video out!?

  3. wow, massive post sir, well done…

    Hands down, Mikan takes my vote for best imouto but there are a lot tied for 2nd place.

    Surprised you don’t watch MM!! I know it’s kinda quirky but it does have its moments such as the epic dragonball parody involving the power of perversion, ha (though the animation quality is pretty low sometimes, hope that will be fixed in the DVD/BD releases)

    Needless to say I’ve been keeping tight tabs on the new To Love-Ru Darkness, best reboot/continuation ever

    The new season has some interesting looking anime, I am cautiously optimistic as I figure I’ll be following about 3 or 4

    and lastly, Ayumi hug pillow please! * stretches forth hands*

    1. Thanks! I agree that Mikan is cute (ichigo~)!

      MM! .. I saw the first episode and didn’t enjoy it at all. The whole masochism thing has 0% appeal to me, and I didn’t like the art or animation. But the DVD extras are apparently titled ‘SS!’, so I could enjoy that more!

      Yeah, the new season looks okay (but it’s the one after that I’m really interested in now). I’ll probably be following 4.

  4. Ika musume – an anime where they can put loli+sukumizu+tentacles together in one scene, yet don’t feel ecchi in any stretch. :D

    Kotomi Tsuda from SYD wins the award for the “most wanted to do a high five with” imotou

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