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Sushio is an alias for Ishizaki Toshio, the a popular and accomplished animator who joined studio GAINAX after graduating from Yoyogi Animation Academy. His debut in the industry was his key animation work on the TV-anime, Evangelion, and he quickly became known as a talented young animator.


Sushio rapidly gained prominence after significant amounts of contributions to Karekano and some memorable scenes in the OVA series, Furi Kuri and first dabbled as animation director for episode 4 of Mahoromatic. Born in 1976, he already has a large and impressive list of works for his age, and is undoubtedly one of the most prodigious of the newer generations of animators. A true-born GAINAX man, he remains affiliated with the sudio and continues to provide a lot of noteable key animation for their TV-anime works, as well as occasionally providing animation direction, most recently on Panty & Stocking episode 1 (part B). His talent has led him to working on a number of theatrical anime as well, such as the praise-worthy effect animation for Steamboy (as seen in the MAD) and, most recently, the film Redline. Much of his work on anime movies has been for Mamoru Hosoda’s films, e.g Sakura Taisen (for which he was animation director), One Piece, and Magical Girl Doremi.

He lists his influences as his colleagues at GAINAX, with whom he’s worked with on many projects: Yo Yoshinari, and Hiroyuki Imaishi, as well as Hisashi Mori. Yo Yoshinari is his biggest influence. The influence of his colleagues is pretty clear, and you could say that he really embodies the spirit of modern GAINAX. His versatility means that his individual style is hard to spot, but my impression is that he is known for character animation and fight scenes which combine cool action poses with fast and fluid animation. His action sequences can really come alive more than other animators might be able to manage. But the reason for his popularity outside of the industry stems from the fact that he communicates to that fanbase, participating in comiket with doujinshi of his key drawings and running a twitter account. Not long ago, he was given the chance to express himself in the popular release of Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2, in which he did the ‘Kittan Zero’ segment.

Sushio is undoubtedly one of the best animators around today.


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