This is the ED to City Hunter, which remained unchanged for all 51 episodes of the classic action/crime series. But, probably more than the show itself, this ED has stood the test of time and remains one of the most beloved anime songs ever! It was included in the recent best ‘anime songs of all time’ list composed by 2channel, and it’s hard to find an anime DJ set and club MOGRA that doesn’t include this legendary track!

I don’t know how many Angel Beats fans actually know this, but his infamous, seemingly Engrish line ‘GET CHANCE AND LUCK’ is actually a throwback to this song (it’s in the lyrics).

Song: “Get Wild” by TM NETWORK

One thought on “GET CHANCE AND LUCK

  1. I always laughed when he said that, but I thought it was just a funny line until I heard someone sing that song at karaoke… Now I know

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