To Aru Majutsu no Index Episode 7

Deepfriends (but not the kind of deep Kuroneko often wants)


MOE: ◾◾◽◽◽
ERO: ◾◽◽◽◽
GAR: ◾◾◾◽◽
LOL: ◾◽◽◽◽


This was a powerful and exciting conclusion to what has been a thrilling arc from start to finish, and that’s something I don’t get to say about Index very often! But this second season has been on a roll so far. The previous arc was one of the anime’s strongest, but this arc took it even further! Despite the fact that it’s only two episodes, I actually would call this the strongest arc to come out of Index so far. The 2 episode time-limit made this a fast-paced, action-packed ride, but that didn’t detract from its strong story and intense characterisation. Being a science-side story, it was bound to be more interesting, but the fact that it built on from the Imouto arc of last season meant that the brief plot had a lot more weight. The characters all have a tangible backstory when it comes to the Tree Diagram and the experiments with Accelerator, especially Misaka! But, although it included Accelerator, Last Order, the Imouto-tachi, as well as a fascinating new character, it was interesting that this arc was mainly about Kuroko! Compared with the Railgun manga, she’s been criminally underdeveloped in the anime series, so this episode finally explores her brave, selfless, and righteous side! She’s not JUST a pervert. But she sure does have to suffer for her character development doesn’t she? I don’t think any Index character has been as beaten and maimed as Kuroko was in the last two episodes. For a 14 year-old she has a remarkable tolerance for pain!

Emotions were running high, which made for gripping viewing, and the teleporter vs teleporter battles were awesome to watch (especially the one this week). It seems that the use of esper powers is finally starting to reach an epic level. Biri-biri and Touma’s ambitious rescue of Kuroko was utterly amazing, and Accelerator didn’t hold back in dealing with Awaki in a destructive fashion. Awaki’s breakdown felt much more believable than the usual ‘ruination of the villain’ beats we get in Index, and it’s good to see that, like Agnes in the last arc, she remained a villain to the very end. And quite a good villain too – she’s fun to watch, and easy to hate (like when she pulled a gun on Kuroko!). The friendship between Biri-biri and Kuroko finally feels real in the anime, Accelerator is back and as dangerous as ever, the imouto-tachi are still around – I couldn’t be happier! Hell, we even got some fanservice thrown in! I just wonder if this arc can be topped now.


10 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index Episode 7

  1. Loving your episode after-action-reports, especially your captions! BTW, just wanted to let you know that your Moe/Gar/etc levels don’t show up properly in Chrome. I really need to sit down and marathon this series, too far behind to just jump in now.

    1. Thanks! Good to know you like the posts ^^

      As for the things not showing up in Chrome.. Well, they’re basic unicode symbols which a good browser should be able to read! I use Firefox and Opera and have never had trouble displaying unicode. Someone else was also having trouble displaying them. Interesting..

      Do you see any of these? (I assume you’ll get white rectangles if not

  2. I thought this was interesting, so I thought I’d share.

    [How does Teleportation work?]
    Teleportaion in Raildex involves pushing an object through the 11th dimension. A ‘hole’ is torn in normal space, where the object enters, and another one at the destination. This is similar to hyperspace jumps in science fiction. This hole or distortion can be observed in Volume 8 when Awaki teleports a 4-ton object.

    • Kuroko’s teleportation is generic “Teleportation”. In a coordinate system, she sets the origin point (0,0,0) as the object she wants to teleport, selects a point [point A(x1, y1, z1)] from within her teleportation range, calculates the distance, and moves the object there. It allows her to teleport whatever she touches and herself (max capacity: 130.7 kg, 81.5 m). It’s strength lies in quickness of the person itself. It is pretty much balanced and isn’t overpowered in itself.
    • Awaki’s “Move Point” is a more powerful version of Kuroko’s generic teleportation. However, how it works is not the same thing. The difference is that she sets the origin (0,0,0) as herself, she extrapolates the coordinates of both the object [point A(x1, y1, z1)] and the target [point B(x2, y2, z2)], and then moves the object from point A to point B. Additionaly, she has higher marks in range and mass limit, and is just better in many aspects (max capacity: 4520 kg, 800 m). The only thing is that, she has a tendency of losing her focus using it on herself and develops a trauma of using it on herself. [Note: she was once stuck on a wall when she once tried using teleport on herself. Not a comfortable experience.]
    • Saraku’s “Kill Point” is relative coordinate teleportation. He can only jump to the target’s back, and unless the location of that person is given, then he can’t use his ability. Very limited, but is useful in assassinations or surprise attacks.
  3. Haha, I think a FALCON LECTURE would break my mind…

    I see the symbols you placed there in your reply. The 3rd symbol shows up as an empty box with a top and bottom border, that’s how your GAR/Moe levels currently look in Chrome (not that it’s important I just wanted to bring it to your attention). Here’s an image to show you exactly what I’m seeing:

    Interesting info on the teleportations as well. Keep it coming!

    1. Yep, that means you don’t have that symbol available. How strange, must be from a different unicode set.

      You probably don’t see this one either? (a black square:

      Or this one?

      Or this one?

      Maybe I have this unicode support because I have eastern languages installed? Or does it work for you in other browsers? Thanks for your help.

  4. Sorry, I should have been more specific, the problem only occurs in Chrome (firefox is fine) and I do have eastern languages installed (can see kanji and the like). In your newest reply, in Chrome, I can see a black square, blank square (same from image in my previous reply) and a black dot circle thingy. No problem, happy to help. Very weird.

    1. I changed the symbols, so hopefully they display ok. They don’t look as good though. But I guess it’s best if all browsers can read it!

      1. perhaps they haven’t taken effect yet, but I see no change in chrome, honestly, if it’s a hassle don’t worry about it, you can put a “best viewed in firefox” sticker on the top of your page or something, problem solved, ha.

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