Norimitsu Suzuki MAD

A MAD was recently posted to youtube featuring some of the work of prominent animator, Norimitsu Suzuki (鈴木 典光). Suzuki has done some cinematic work (such as the Cowboy Bebop movie) and OVAs, but has recently become famous for doing really impressive solo ending sequences (being solely responsible for storyboard and key animation) in TV-anime. This includes the first two Eureka 7 EDs, the first Soul Eater EDs (as well as uncredited work in the the others), and Chocotto Sister’s ED. She mostly does work for BONES, Madhouse and Nomad. Other than its high quality, I can’t see any distinctive styles in her work. Most recently, she’s been involved in Star Driver, with the ED and providing some animation in episode 1.

I love some of her work, and find the first Eureka 7 ED particularly impressive. Actually, it’s worth checking out a compilation of her OP/ED work too!