MAG・ネット 28

MAG・ネット is a television program aired on NHK which delves into the realm of otaku culture on a weekly basis. They cover a wide range of things, from seiyuu, games, animators, manga artists, etc and do a very good job creating a professional and illuminating weekly documentary. They’ve had a number of excellent interviews and other insights in the 28 episodes that have been produced so far. My favourite episode was dedicated to the now-deceased old-school animator, Yoshinori Kanada. That opened my eyes up to a lot about the world of animation in Japan and gave me a deep appreciation of the man’s work. Each episode has a special focus, but they also have a segment which briefly covers other events/news of the week. From here on, whenever I stumble across something interesting in one of their episodes, I’ll relay it on this blog!

Episode 28 recently aired and focused on the popular game/anime franchise, Sengoku Basara. Unfortunately, I don’t really have any interest in that at all! However, I was amazed by the screams of the (many) fangirls in the crowd at a live event for the game in Shibuya. Fangirls are scary! Their shorter segments covered some more interesting stuff:

Singer/Seiyuu Unit: LISP!

Not being the seiyuu fanatic I’d like to be, I’ve heard the name LISP being thrown around here and there but never really bothered to look into it! It turns out that was a bad idea! The Magnet program introduced the three members of the unit, and I was totally sold after the first name: Kana Asumi! If I’d known a voice as sweet and angelic was in the group, I would have payed much more attention! Kana Asumi played Popura in Working!! among many other great roles, and is recently becoming one of my favourites! The unit above, from left to right: Azusa Kataoka, Kana Asumi, Sayuri Hara. It’s from the voice producer firm, 81Produce.

Azusa and Sayuri have both only had a handful of roles, so Kana Asumi is clearly the biggest name among them. But as a group united under the name LISP, they seem to be on the road to success! They recently released a single, 「あなたにVacuum!~ちょいやわらかめ~」. Check out the PV here.

They also did a special, and rather unique thing recently: a pajama party streamed to Nico Video! From the glimpses Magnet showed, they looked incredibly cute!

Obaachan Maid Cafe!

We’re all used to hearing about maid cafes in Akihabara, stocked with doting maids who serve your meals with extra moe service, but what about a place that offers a different maid experience? This cafe, Cafe Rotten Meier (don’t ask me what the name means), was recently opened up in outside an Ikebukurou train station as part of an artistic project. I guess the aim was to subvert the maid cafe standards. The idea is that you get stern old maids serving you with a cold, harsh tone! Here, you get a taste of the reality of maids! Seeing them in action was pretty funny, especially with the customer’s reactions (“it’s scary!”. “I didn’t know what to do”).


Hatsune Miku Abroad

And lastly, they covered the big newspaper feature on Hatsune Miku in Britain! They ignored the big-like French reaction but had a look at the pretty good newspaper article and some of the online comments. One of those online comments amused me in particular, which one of you bastards wrote this!?


Thanks for reading, please comment!

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