Shukufuku no Campanella 1-2


MOE: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫
ERO: ⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪
GAR: ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
LOL: ⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪


I recently decided to start watching Shufuku no Campanella. I didn’t watch it last season because I had too much on my plate already, and I found out there were fanservice scenes that were censored in the broadcast version. So now that the BD releases have started coming, I thought I may as well give it a try. My expectations were low; other people’s opinions on the series hadn’t been all that glowing and from a distance it had a very mediocre aura. I guess it is mediocre after all, but I was pleasantly surprised at the entertainment value of Shufuku no Campanella, at least from the first 2 episodes. It is hard to keep track of the expansive cast to start with (but hey, I survived Baccano!), but the one thing that is clear is that they’re all incredibly cute! The moe levels of this show pretty quickly eroded my personal barriers (AT field?), and before long I was caught in a dangerous moe trance. It’s primarily driven by an innocent sweetness; the girls are all very sugary and pleasant, and the costumes are frilly and charming. That innocence is very occasionally pervaded by a slight edge of eroticism, which only adds to its appeal and doesn’t perturb the warm feelings the show radiates.

The designs are all unique and attractive, and each character has a simple but fun stroke of individuality. The pink-haired loli character who arrives and immediately calls the male protagonist ‘papa’ is pure adorableness, evoking my dormant daughter-moe (it’s a nice change from the imouto moe going around these days!). Meanwhile, his mother is hot and perverted, and his blonde-haired friend has a burning like for him. Then there’s the two purple-haired twins (no, not the Hiiragi sisters), who are like a comic relief duo but also are very cute in their own right. Their dialogue often turns to ecchi material too, like discussion on panties, or striking ero poses! Yep, the male protagonist is surrounded by enough cute young girls to make even the most seasoned man dizzy. And yet, in typical fashion, he’s a pretty weak character. He isn’t fun to watch OR relatable.

The production values are pretty good. It’s nothing stellar (and I don’t know how it looked for broadcast), but the drawings are very nice. I especially love the use of really cute facial expressions and cut-in SD moments. They add a lot to the charm of the series!

2 thoughts on “Shukufuku no Campanella 1-2

  1. Yes, Campanella was a lot of fun! I too had very low expectations going in, but I was pretty suprised! The Tortilla sisters are very awesome~ they deserve a spin-off…

    1. Yeah! Even though their names are so dumb, they’re a funny pair. Why is it that twins are often the strange comic relief characters?

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