Yesterday, my otaku room was transformed…

Yesterday, my otaku room was transformed into a Weiss Schwarz war room! After arriving home early from work I was happy to discover the package containing my October purchases had arrived. Inventory: Angel Beats nendoroid petits set #1, Weiss Schwarz Trial Deck (Evangelion). and 2x Weiss Schwarz booster boxes (Railgun & Index!). It was the latter of these that got my nerdy juices flowing and I spent most of that night restructuring my deck and strategising. Each box contains 160 cards, so I had 320 of them to try and digest! I was actually really lucky, because I got most of the cards I wanted, and exactly the number of duplicates of key strategic cards that I needed! My deck will be much stronger now, and I have a big stock of cards to trade with. On the downside, there is one rare that eludes me (just one!) and it happens to be a crucial card that a whole Railgun deck build relies on ;_;.

But check out how messy my deck rebuilding campaign got!


If you play Weiss Schwarz or are interested in it, please comment!

9 thoughts on “Yesterday, my otaku room was transformed…

      1. hey, its me again.

        i went round building my railgun deck, and i found the cards that can power misaka up to level 5.

        sorry, might be a silly question but i just wanted to ask, how exactly does a level 5 card attack? as in, what happens if the total power is lesser than a level 3 card? can the level 3 card kill the level 5 card?


  1. oh ic. thank you for the info. im still building my deck and am not very aware of the combos. hmmm.. interestingly i dont have an accelerator card from the boosters i got.

    btw, just curious. which country are you from?

    1. Yeah that accelerator card is RR (although there are some Us too). I bought 3 boxes of Index boosters (60 packs) and was really lucky to get to of them (and 3 of another R card that’s essential to the deck). I can’t wait for the new Index/Railgun boosters to be released!

      I’m from Australia!

      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, btw. I’ve been really busy.

      1. I’m actually interested in trading a few cards from you for railgun. If you have specific cards you want, we can make a trade or trades. ^_^ I don’t mind int’l shipping

        1. Hi! That sounds great. Actually, there are cards I want/need:

          The card I desperately want is:

          Cards I would like to have more of:

          If you have any of these then I’m definitely interested in trading. Do you use Skype? We can talk about it on there.

  2. cool :D i’m from singapore. pleased to know you. its ok, i’ve been real busy too these days. trying to finish up most assignments.

    and yes! i cannot wait for the new series. release date is this saturday.

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